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The real-time platform
for data and engineering teams
Unify streaming and batch data and use SQL to build high-concurrency, low-latency data products that you can share with your team.
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Unify streams, files, tables, and more.
Bring your data together without custom scripts or additional tooling. It's all included.
Ingest any event
stream in real time.
Ingest events in real time from Kafka, Kinesis, Pub/Sub, and more, or push events over HTTP. Keep events fresh without batching or schedules.
Load dimensions from
files and tables.
Load batch data from warehouses like BigQuery or Snowflake, or lakes like Amazon S3 and Google Cloud Storage, without additional ETL or scheduling tools.
Join and enrich streams
with dimensions.
Enrich your real-time streams with historical batch data using a simple JOIN, and materialize the result at ingestion time to keep queries fast.
Develop faster.
Ship more.
Tinybird's developer experience helps you build data products faster using SQL and Git.
Do it your way.
Use your favorite IDE to build real-time data products. Then use Git to version and iterate them.
Build with SQL.
You already know SQL, and so do your future team members. Don't waste time learning yet another language.
Publish data as APIs.
Publish the result of any query as a low-latency, high-concurrency HTTP API.
Eliminate engineering roadblocks.
Instantly share your data products with other engineers so they can start building.
Turn your data into APIs.
Publish your data products as dynamic, documented, secured REST APIs in a click so your software teams can just build.
Keep your costs in check.
Use a platform made for supporting real-time applications instead of building middleware or buying more warehouse credits.
Everyone becomes a data builder
It‘s painful to learn or hire niche skills. Tinybird lets you use the SQL skills that the industry has perfected for over 50 years.
Built on ClickHouse,
because Speed Wins.
Ingest fresh, streaming data while querying billions of events with millisecond latency.
The world's fastest
OLAP database.
ClickHouse is an open-source, columnar, OLAP database built for speed. Tinybird tunes ClickHouse for even more performance.
Proven scale for
any workload.
Tinybird transparently scales ClickHouse for you, so you can grow as fast as you need and query billions of rows in milliseconds.
Reliability is
Tinybird's customers build user-facing applications with strict availability guarantees. With >99.99% uptime, you can trust Tinybird in production.
Build real-time data products
with Tinybird.
Tinybird manages the infrastructure for you, so you can focus on shipping revenue-generating data products.
“Game-changing. Tinybird is the massive leap forward we've always needed in order to manage our global scale platform in real-time. Performance, professionalism and precision are their strengths.”
Jordi Miró Bruix
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“Tinybird is the most exciting data company since Snowflake. It's revolutionized the way we think about real-time data analytics at Vercel, for billions of data points per day.”
Guillermo Rauch - CEO of Vercel
Trusted by
data teams.
“I've worked with many data stacks from early Hadoop to Flink to Spark to cloud warehouses, and I know we couldn't have shipped this without Tinybird. We've achieved in a few days what would have taken ages with other tooling. You should be really proud of what you've built.”
Senior Data Engineer at Leading Design Platform
Build fast data products, faster.
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