FAQ: Architecture

What is ClickHouse?

An open source, high performance, columnar OLAP database. It’s a lightning fast database that solves use cases requiring rapid ingestion, low latency queries, and high concurrency. Tinybird gives you the speed of ClickHouse with 10x the DevEx.

Where does Tinybird fit in my tech stack?

Tinybird is the analytical backend for your applications.

Tinybird consumes data from any source and exposes it via API endpoints. It can sit parallel to the Data Warehouse or (ideally) in front of it; the Data Warehouse enables “exploration” use cases like BI and data science, and Tinybird enables “action” use cases like operational applications, embedded analytics, and user-facing analytics.

Is data stored in Tinybird?

Yes, data is stored in ClickHouse under the hood. Depending on the use case, you can add a TTL to control how long data is stored for.

Can I deploy Tinybird in my own cloud environment or on prem?

Tinybird is a managed SaaS solution & it is not possible to deploy Tinybird in your own cloud or on prem.

Can Tinybird integrate with Azure Active Directory (AAD)?

You can integrate AAD for user authentication to allow you to centrally control who in your organisation can sign into the service to build things in Tinybird. However, this does not affect the APIs that you publish in Tinybird, which remain secured by Auth Tokens.

AAD is an enterprise feature, so please contact Tinybird support (support@tinybird.co) if you need this feature.