FAQ: DevEx

Why is the CLI important and how do people use it?

Users often rely on the UI to build/experiment/test, and the CLI to iterate and version directly from the command line. You can integrate with Git so you can treat data projects like any other software project.

Is there a limit on workspaces/pipes/users?

No, we charge based on usage, not number of seats, APIs, etc.

What about observability?

Tinybird provides built-in observability to manage your APIs. Also, we provide Service Data Sources that allow you to inspect what’s going on in your account regarding pipe performance, data sources, etc. See this blogpost for a detailed example and this one for integrating Tinybird with Datadog.

Where to learn the basics of SQL?

There are a bunch of free online courses (like Codecademy). We also publish ClickHouse tips and tricks on Twitter and our ClickHouse Knowledge Base.

Does Tinybird support updates and deletes?

Yes, but proceed with caution. Deletes and replaces are not part of ClickHouse, so we built on top —see this guide. Depending on the frequency needed, you may want to convert these upserts and deletes into an append problem that will be easier to solve with deduplication.