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Frontend developer


Remote · Up to 75k

We started Tinybird because we had a problem. Dealing with large amounts of data is hard and, as the amount of data grows, it gets exponentially harder. We thought we had enough experience to create a product to fix that problem.

Tinybird is a SaaS product to create real-time analytics APIs over large amounts of data. And it's deeply focused on improving the developer experience.

Long story short, after some months, the list of clients using our product is growing but our team isn't growing quite as fast. And as you might guess, that is starting to hurt, and that's why we are looking for someone to help us.

We are a team of 9 with extensive experience building and growing companies (and sometimes selling them), all of us have a technical background. We like simplicity and speed. We believe data-driven real-time applications have the potential to change entire industries.

We firmly believe in equal opportunities and in a workplace which is safe, diverse, and inclusive. We also believe that diversity will lead us to making better decisions, and that a diverse organization is a better organization.

What are we looking for?

We are looking for someone to help us with our product on the Frontend side. Let us explain what we need from you:

  • Highly-experienced Frontend developer building single-page applications. The language is not important, we use React today, but we are not tied to anything
  • Be used to face problems. Creating new features is cool, but you have to be ready for fixing bugs, and taking care of features independently.
  • No fear of touching Python, the server language we use behind the scenes. We love to know how things work almost everywhere, and that allows us to help anywhere when needed
  • Data lover, because our decisions are based on data
  • Ready to contribute in any part of the company: customer support, clients projects, content marketing, demo applications for sales,...
  • SQL knowledge: not need to be an expert, but we use our product for taking decisions. Be ready to ask and answer questions with SQL

How would your day look like

I try to review what users have done with Tinybird the previous week, paying special attention to those features that we have launched recently, checking if they are working as we expected, and if they are understood as we designed them.

Then I keep working on the issues related to our quarterly OKRs. Our product design approach is: we identify a project, we create a small team who will explain why it's important and describes how it would work. Then, everyone else asks questions and we decide if that makes sense or not. You'll be part of this, of course.

We believe that support is as much part of the product and services as is the API, the UI, or the documentation. That is why we want to provide the best possible support to our customers, and why we alternate the support responsibility amongst all of us and each of us spends one-week turns as the Support Owner. Also,

We use Basecamp for daily coordination and planning, GitLab for issue tracking and milestones, and Google Docs to discuss things like product decisions. There is always something to read and discuss.

We also take time to contribute to blog posts about how things work, product updates,.... It's hard to keep up with the pace, especially if we have a problem or an unexpected client request, but writing those helps us a lot.

Some bits about the way we work

  • We are a fully remote company, and not just because of COVID19. All of our previous companies were remote friendly companies
  • We give you up to 2400€ to get the right setup at home if you need it
  • We are just starting up so your work will impact everything we do. We also believe in full transparency and you will always know what is going on

Here you have our company principles.

The Process

We try to simplify the process as much as we can, and we don't like to extend it with any candidate more than two weeks (if the whole process is completed):

  • First contact meeting: where you will meet two Tinybird members involved in the Frontend
  • Test: simple async test, where there is no limited time (although we encourage to not spend more than 4 hours)
  • Second meeting: meet other founders and/or members of the team
  • Salary offer
  • Welcome 🐦!


  • A competitive package, including Stock Options
  • Up to 75k depending on experience
  • 23 days of holiday a year (plus your birthday and public holidays), but who's counting
  • Freedom to work from wherever suits you best. Ideally London, Amsterdam, Madrid or Central Europe in general for the E.U

How to apply

Fill up the form at the end or send us an email telling us a bit about yourself, and asking us whatever you need to know about the problem we are trying to solve, the company, your role, etc...

Not for you? We are always looking for people to take our team to the next level. If you can’t find any job opening that sounds right for you on our careers page, send us an email at telling us about yourself and about which things you'd like on work with us.