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Sales Development Representative

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Remote ok · 37k€ OTE

About Tinybird

At Tinybird we strive to make Data Engineers and Developers’ lives easier through our products, in particular when it comes to generating value out of huge quantities of data.

We started Tinybird to address a challenge we had experienced many times in our previous jobs: that working with large amounts of data is hard and, as the amount of data grows, it gets exponentially harder.

We had a good idea of how to solve this and that's how we started to work on Tinybird Analytics, a SaaS product to create real-time analytics APIs over large amounts of data. One that is deeply focused on improving the developer experience.

So far we have kept the team pretty minimal, but as our list of clients grow, we are starting to feel the need to grow in several areas, from Product Development to Sales.  This position in particular is for a Sales Development Representative, someone to help us generate opportunities with the type of companies we want to work with.

Who are we?

We are a team of 7 with extensive experience building and growing companies (and sometimes selling them), all of us have a technical background. We like simplicity and speed. We believe data-driven real-time applications have the potential to change entire industries.

We firmly believe in equal opportunities and in a workplace which is safe, diverse, and inclusive. We also believe that diversity will lead us to make better decisions and that a diverse organization is a better organization.

What are we looking for?

An enthusiastic Sales Development Representative (SDR), to join our team and work together with the CEO. As an SDR, you will get the opportunity to lead the outreach to targeted enterprise accounts working in conjunction with the rest of the team (mainly sales and marketing). In this role, you will leverage respectful marketing and sales tactics to prospect and engage with multiple buyer personas and roles to introduce Tinybird's value. You will be responsible for generating qualified meetings and pipeline for the Sales team.

We don't want to waste people's time or ours; we don't believe in blindly going through email lists and blasting them with emails in the hope some will answer. We do believe in identifying those companies that are likely to be experiencing the problems our product solves and in offering solutions and demonstrating value. That means we need someone willing to think through the challenges and to find the best ways to interact with prospects in a respectful manner.

It would be great if you had experience around Data & Analytics, but don't worry if you don't know much about it: if you are willing to learn, we have an extensive onboarding program through which you will acquire the necessary Data & Analytics knowledge to fulfil your role.

Below, you can find a list of your future responsibilities as an SDR at Tinybird:

  • Manage inbound lead flow as well as executing outbound prospecting initiatives.
  • Collaborate with and leverage teammates to develop targeted lists, call strategies, and messaging to drive opportunities.
  • Utilize business and industry knowledge to research accounts, identify key players, and generate interest.
  • Work to have calls/email/social/etc. contacts on all leads assigned to you.
  • Manage, track, and report on all activities and results using Pipedrive.
  • Participate in designing and documenting all processes.
  • Attend marketing events to engage with participants to identify opportunities, and to schedule meetings.
  • Act as a mentor for new SDR hires.
  • We're a small organisation (on purpose) so we want everybody to contribute ideas on how to make our pipeline grow.

Some bits about the way we work

  • We are a full remote company. Not just because of/since COVID19. All our previous companies were remote friendly companies.
  • Up to 2400€ to get the right setup to work comfortably from home.
  • We are just starting up so your work will impact everything we do, since you will be working directly with the founding team. We believe in full transparency and you will always know what is going on.
  • We hate politics.
  • Here you have our company principles.


  • Salary up to 37k€ OTE

How to apply

Fill up the form below or send us an email telling us a bit about yourself and why you think this role is for you, and ask us whatever you need to know about the problem we are trying to solve, the company, your role, etc...

A bit more about the hiring process

  • Selected candidates will be invited to schedule a screening call with our CEO and/or COO.
  • Next, after sending you some materials, you will be invited to schedule a second interview.
  • Following successful interviews, you will be invited to schedule a final meeting with the rest of the founding team.
  • Successful candidates will subsequently be made an offer via phone or video call.

A little more about how we organize ourselves

Since you will be our first SDR, we can't tell you how your typical day will look exactly, but we would expect it to be a combination of the responsibilities we outline above.

We work with 6-weeks OKRs, which we revisit once per week. We believe this is a great way of sharing the strategic challenges we face but also of providing room for teams to generate initiatives autonomously.

We like to work asynchronously as much as possible and we have few internal meetings, but we ensure all of us meet at least twice per week. In these meetings, we normally discuss ongoing projects, share updates and discuss strategic initiatives that we normally start and follow up on asynchronously.

We believe in validating over debating. We still have a manageable amount of clients and we like to spend time with them, talking about ways to improve our product, or problems they are facing were we can help.

And we like having fun too!

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