Event Processing & Automation

Build APIs and Automation over your streaming data

Transform, enrich and exploit your streaming data just using SQL

Why Tinybird

The fastest way to work with Streaming Data

Capturing huge amounts of data is fine, but is what you do with it that counts. Any use case you think of you can easily implement and scale with Tinybird SQL Pipes.

Automation and Alerts

Whether you want to trigger downstream automations or keep an eye on problems or opportunities via alerts, Tinybird grants you the scale and flexibility to tackle your use case via low-latency APIs over your streaming data.

Materialize on ingestion

Implement rolling windows, roll-ups or enrich data incrementally as you ingest data streams in Tinybird.


Once your data is in Tinybird, any new use case is just one SQL query away.

Other popular use cases

Use ready-made templates to build complex use cases in minutes. Or build yours from scratch for a completely custom experience.

“With Tinybird we were able to deploy an alerts system over Kafka data without having to deploy a single line of code or worry about scale. And any new use case is just a SQL query away”

Ignasi Vegas - Engineering Manager at Feedback Loop