Charts are a great way to visualize your data. You can create and publish Charts in Tinybird from your published API Endpoints.

Why Charts?

When you publish an API Endpoint, most of the time, you want to visualize the data in a more user-friendly way. Charts are a great way to do this. Instead of coding your own charts from scratch, you can use Tinybird to create and publish Charts in just a few clicks.

Set up

To create a Chart, you need to have a published API Endpoint. Learn how to publish an API Endpoint here.

Charts are made in the Tinybird UI.

Step 1: Create a Chart

  1. In your Workspace, navigate to the API Endpoint page.
  2. Under "Output", select the "Charts" tab. This opens a view showing all associated Charts for your Endpoint. As you haven't created any Charts yet, you'll see No charts yet.
  3. Select the "Create Chart" button.
  4. Configure your Chart by selecting the name, the type of Chart, and the fields you want to visualize.
  5. Once you're happy with your Chart, select "Save".

Step 2: Embed your Chart

After creating the Chart, you can embed it in your website or application:

  1. Select one of your Charts from "Charts" tab.
  2. Click the Code tab to access the code snippets.
  3. Choose between a ready-to-use React component or a simple iframe. Copy the code snippet and paste it into your website or application.
  4. (Optional) If you selected the React component and echarts is not already installed in your project, you will need to install it as a dependency.
  5. Enjoy your Chart!


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