What is an API?

Tinybird enables you to publish the result of any query as an HTTP API.

Write your SQL query, click a button, and get a scalable, reliable & secure API with no effort.

What should I use APIs for?

APIs make it easy to use the results of your queries in applications. Any app that can run an HTTP GET can use Tinybird APIs.

Build plan limits

The Build plan is Tinybird’s free-tier. This plan has a limit on the amount of API requests per day that can be made against published Endpoint APIs.

You can find pricing information here.

Build plan usage limits


Limit and time window

API Endpoint

1,000 requests per day

Data Sources storage

10 gigabytes in total

These limits do not apply to Tinybird’s paid plans.

Creating APIs

To create an API in Tinybird, you first need to create a Pipe. You can publish any of the Nodes in your Pipes as an API.

Creating APIs in the UI

This section describes how to create an API in the UI.

Need helping creating a Pipe in the UI? Here’s how!

Open the Pipe that you want to publish and click the Create API Endpoint button in the top right of the sceen (see Mark 1 below). Then select the Node that you want to publish (see Mark 2 below).


Creating APIs in the CLI

This section describes how to create an API in the CLI.

Need helping creating a Pipe in the CLI? Here’s how!

Use the command below to publish a API from the CLI. This will automatically select the final Node in the Pipe.

tb pipe publish PIPE_NAME_OR_ID

If you want to manually select which Node is published, supply the Node name as the final command argument, as below.

tb pipe publish PIPE_NAME_OR_ID NODE_NAME