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In conversation with Genially - Delivering realtime insights to your customers through in-product dashboards

Getting started building realtime in-product dashboards with Tinybird


Wednesday, April 6th

@11:30AM EST/5:30PM CET


In-Product Analytics Discussion: Delivering realtime insights to your customers through in-product dashboards

Chema Roldan, the CTO of Genially and our own CEO, Jorge Gomez Sancha discuss Genially’s journey to giving their customers the information they need to make data driven decisions in realtime. They’ll touch on the challenges of working with large data volumes, and the impact of delivering realtime insights to customers through in-product dashboards.

After the webinar, we’ll share a 5x 4-minute introductory course on the ins and outs of building realtime in-product dashboards. The course will touch on how to best prepare, ingest, publish and consume data for realtime dashboards.


In-Product Analytics Videos: Getting started building realtime in-product dashboards with Tinybird

Challenges inherent to any analytics project:

  • Dealing with large quantities of data: How to set the foundations to be able to scale from a few thousand requests a day to billions of rows scanned daily with high-frequency ingestion;
  • Achieving high-concurrency consumption: How to deliver several hundred, or more, requests per second serving realtime dashboards and/or automations;

Challenges specific to in-product analytics:

  • How to ensure row-level security over customer data;
  • How to display always instant charts over time-series data;
  • How to deliver always instant filterable rankings;
  • How to achieve “realtime”: sub-second API endpoints, responses, and chart rendering.

The technical section:

  1. The technical section:
  2. What metrics should you display in your in-product dashboards
  3. Defining data schemas, ingesting and organizing your data.
  4. Efficient queries for instant charts over millions of rows:
    a) Best practices for writing queries;
    b) How to achieve always instant charts over time series data, no matter how far back in time you go;
    c) Building always up-to-date, filterable rankings;
  5. Secure consumption of your data in dashboards.
  6. Building your own dashboards - connectors, tools.


Chema Roldan

CTO of Genially

Jorge Gómez Sancha

Jorge Gómez Sancha

Founder & CEO of Tinybird

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