Use Case Hub

Tinybird is the data platform for building real-time, user-facing analytics.

This Use Case Hub provides centralized resources to help you understand and build specific solutions for your project.


The top 5 most popular ways people are using Tinybird to build user-facing analytics features:

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Read the Tinybird "Definitive Guide To Real-Time User-Facing Analytics" blog post.

Customer stories

Learn how Tinybird customers have built user-facing analytics.

  • Audiense evolves its social media timeline with Tinybird

  • Canva designs brilliant user experiences with Tinybird

  • Dub shortens time to market for user-facing analytics with Tinybird

  • Factorial builds real-time data products with Tinybird

  • FanDuel harnesses the power of real-time data using Tinybird

  • Genially uses Tinybird to display realtime content interaction metrics for their customers

  • Smartme Analytics builds complete consumer insights with Tinybird

  • Vercel uses Tinybird to help developers ship code faster