Operational Analytics

Realtime visibility across your business

Enable the whole organization to react immediately to analytical insights

Why Tinybird

Consistent results across the organization

API based results that ensure consistency across the organization: with no two ways to interpret the data, everybody can act on the same information.

Automate your Insights

The ability to understand your business as it unfolds opens the door to automation, compounding the effect of how you react to data insights.

Flexibility and opportunity

With access to the realtime raw data through SQL based APIs, every new use case is just one SQL query away. Write, preview, deploy.

Scale indefinitely

Tinybird’s materialization capabilities and low-latency APIs will keep your charts rendering instantly even as your data grows.

Other popular use cases

Use ready-made templates to build complex use cases in minutes. Or build yours from scratch for a completely custom experience.

“After testing with Postgres, Cassandra, Redshift, .... we finally moved our analytics backend to Tinybird. Technical support is incredible. They also helped us to design our data structure to improve our queries. Our latency has improved a lot, and the most important thing: we are not worried about how many millions of rows we have”

Pedro Liévana - Lead Engineer at Plytix