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Tinybird Course

Principles of realtime analytics on large datasets

Understanding what it takes to query billion row datasets in under 100ms.

Free edition ~3 hours of video content.

Please note that this course is currently only available in Spanish.


Why this Course

Build realtime analytics APIs

Today’s platforms are pushing us to develop things quickly, hardware is generally fast enough and developers often don’t need to worry too much about doing things “properly”. That’s sometimes fine but there is value in knowing how things actually work.

Saving a few CPU cycles does not seem like a worthy investment, but those few cycles multiplied by billions of iterations means less machines to maintain, less money to spend, less complex architectures and on top of that, the feeling of having almost everything under control.

Everything sounds really hard until you understand it, that’s why we created this.

We are opening this first revision to a reduced group of people. 

Ideally this would be a face to face full day course but given the circumstances we are planning a reduced (3-4 hours) remote version.


Course instructor

Javier Santana

Javier Santana

Tech. Previously Head of BBVA Data services, CARTO CTO and Agroguia Founder.



Course outline

Tinybird  Course

Principles of realtime analytics on large datasets

Learn what it takes to query billion row datasets in under 100ms.

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Tinybird  Course

Principles of real-time analytics on large datasets

Who is this couse for

We recommend you join the course if you:

  • Deal with big quantities of data in your daily job

  • You are familiar with SQL. You don't need to be an expert.

  • You are a developer, DBA or any data related role.

  • You are curious about how things work :)