The modern way of working with real-time analytics

Tinybird helps data teams build real-time Data Products at scale through SQL-based API endpoints. It ingests millions of rows per second and serves low latency, high concurrency analytical queries over any amount of data.

Data Engineers gain flexibility and productivity

  • Seamless data ingestion

    Use our Data Connectors or just use .csv files. Tinybird guesses the best schema for your data and ingests millions of rows per second.

  • Speed by default

    Start simple and optimize later. Tinybird is orders of magnitude faster than relational databases and traditional data warehouses.

  • SQL based

    Run SQL queries, including filters, sorts, aggregations and joins in a notebook-like environment.

  • No ETLs

    Forget about data pipelines. Just work with raw data. Transformations are done on-the-fly, when ingesting or requesting data.

  • Dynamic APIs

    From data to APIs in minutes. Implement business logic using dynamic parameters.

IT Managers gain visibility and save costs

  • No backend needed

    Focus on making good use of your data and simplify your data stack. Do more with less moving pieces.

  • Strong data security

    Data is encrypted at REST. Our Auth Tokens let you enforce strong data access policies across your API endpoints.

  • Monitoring included

    Track and monitor the performance of your data operations and API endpoints with the same tools you exploit your data: through SQL, in your own account, in real-time.

  • Flexible workflow

    Tinybird makes your data teams faster by enabling DataOps best practices for big data projects.

  • Predictable cost

    Stop spending in batch processing. Tinybird scales linearly and we can offer predictive pricing and on-demand scaling.

Built for techies

Tinybird is the easiest way to develop real-time analytics APIs over big quantities of data for your low-latency and high concurrency applications.