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Build fast data products, faster

Tinybird is the modern real-time data platform that ingests data at scale, supports SQL and Git, and publishes API endpoints for everyone on your team to consume
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Unify streams, tables, files, and more.

Bring data from many different sources into Tinybird: streams over HTTP, Kafka topics, import from Warehouses, or upload files.
Fast by default
Start simple and optimize later. Tinybird is powered by ClickHouse, making it orders of magnitude faster than relational databases and traditional data warehouses.
Forget about data pipelines. Just work with raw fresh data. You can transform with SQL on-the-fly, at ingestion, or query time.
Seamless data ingestion
Tinybird guesses the best schema for your data and ingests millions of rows per second.
HTTP event streaming
Ingest thousands of events per second with an easy to use HTTP API.

Develop faster.
Ship more.

Write SQL to query and shape your data. Use Pipes to break queries into small, composable nodes. Use Git to version and iterate your real-time data pipelines.

Develop with SQL

Yes SQL, the language you know and love
SQL is the lingua franca of data, with decades of knowledge and practical experience behind it. Tinybird lets you query and shape your data using pure SQL.
Chain queries together for better productivity
Use Pipes to improve the readability and maintainability of your SQL code by breaking long, unwieldy queries into smaller chunks of code and chaining them together.
Dynamic SQL with templating
Add conditional logic and dynamic query parameters to your SQL with Tinybird‘s powerful templating language.
Shape and enrich data by JOINing other sources
Build powerful data applications by enriching data with information from other sources.
Event driven, incremental materializations
Immediately materialise new rows as they arrive, no schedules, no full refreshes.

Iterate with Git

Resilient iterations out of the box
No need to reinvent the wheel. Use standard Git workflows and tools to build data products.
Treat Tinybird just like code
Manage your data pipelines and iterate Tinybird resources from Git using the tools you love.
Build CI/CD pipelines
Create deployment processes adapted to the needs of your team's data workflows.
Create preview Environments in seconds
Create ephemeral Environments to test changes in isolation from your production Workspace using real production data.
Create playgrounds
Write exploratory queries without all the overhead of branching or versioning.
Test for regressions with real data
Create test strategies for each use case, ensuring better data quality, avoiding regressions, and using real data.

Publish your data using ultra-fast, low-latency APIs

Instantly share your data products with other engineers and developers so they can start building.
Dynamic and self-documenting APIs
Share automatically generated API documentation pages with the whole team.
Observability endpoints
Service Data Sources provide performance data and consumption data for every single request, enabling you to build alerts or send information to observability tools you already use, such as Datadog.
Built-in observability data
Tinybird APIs automatically generate data about performance, resource usage, and more.
Scale you can count on
Tinybird APIs support thousands of ultra-fast queries per second.
Secure and rapid application development
Use tokens to control access to API endpoints. Implement as many access policies as you need. Support for row-level security.

Tinybird is a delightful experience

We are dedicated to making the developer experience fast and easy without sacrificing your need for power and flexibility.

Use our powerful CLI

Time-series, simplified
Visualize, filter, and group your data by how it changes over time. It‘s about time someone made time-series easy.
Stay in your comfort zone with our VSCode Extension
Build applications faster using the world‘s favorite coding environment.
Collaborate with your flock
Invite as many users to a Workspace as you want, and join multiple Workspaces. Teamwork makes the dream work!
Visualize the lineage of data products
Use the Data Flow view to see at-a-glance how your data is used to power your APIs.

Built on ClickHouse, because Speed Wins.

Tinybird is built on ClickHouse, the world‘s fastest OLAP database. We tune and transparently scale ClickHouse so you can grow as fast as you need. We maintain and operate ClickHouse for you with 99.99% uptime.


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Simple, fair pricing

Tinybird offers easy-to-understand pricing that encourages you to build real-time applications, fast. With Tinybird, you can actually save money.
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Build fast data products, faster.

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