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Real-Time Analytics Use Cases

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User-Facing Analytics

Add real-time dashboards and data-driven features to your app or SaaS.

Real-Time Dashboards

Nobody likes a slow dashboard. Speed up decisions with real-time data visualization.

Real-Time Personalization

Personalize websites and applications in real-time based on user behavior.

Anomaly Detection and Alerting

Capture logs and detect anomalies like DDoS attacks in real time.

Smart Inventory Management

Optimize and display real-time views of available inventory in your app.

Managed ClickHouse

Tinybird is built on ClickHouse, but offers a vastly superior developer experience. Easier to setup, easier to use, faster to get value.

Tinybird gives us everything we need from a real-time data analytics platform: security, scale, performance, stability, reliability, and a raft of integrations. But what really makes it stand out is the simplicity and elegance of the Tinybird user experience.

Damian Grech
Damian Grech, Director of Engineering, Data Platform at FanDuel

Real-Time Web Analytics

Instantly track web activity with real-time analytics. No more 24-hour waits!

Sports Betting and Gaming

Segment users and personalize in-app offers based on real-time behavior.

IoT Analytics

Process, visualize, and automate real-time data from sensors and devices.

Time-Series Data Analytics

Process complex analytics over time-series data as soon as it arrives.

Real-Time E-Commerce Analytics

Capture clickstreams, build conversion metrics, and visualize live sales.

Real-Time Fraud Detection

Prevent fraud with real-time analytics for transaction safety.

I've worked with quite a few different data stacks - traditional warehouses, early Hadoop, Spark, Flink, modern cloud warehouses - and I truly don't think we could have shipped what we have without Tinybird. With Tinybird we have achieved in a few days what would have taken ages with any other tooling. Tinybird should be so proud of what they’ve built.

Guy Needham
Guy Needham, Staff Backend Engineer at Canva

Fleet Telematics

Optimize logistics with real-time analytics for vehicle monitoring.

Operational Intelligence

Accelerate insights with real-time analytics for productivity.

Software Log Analytics

Streamline troubleshooting with real-time log analytics and live dashboards.

Usage-Based Pricing

Build flexible consumption models with real-time alerts and dashboards.

Online Machine Learning

Optimize your models with real-time data platform for predictive ML.

When we switched to Tinybird, we ran a PoC and shipped our first feature to production in a month. Since then, we’ve shipped 12 new user-facing features in just a few months. There’s no way we could have done this without Tinybird.

Marc González
Marc González, Director of Data at Factorial

Real-Time Analytics Integrations

Learn how to build powerful real-time data applications over your existing technology, including Kafka, Confluent, BigQuery, Snowflake, S3, and more.

Real-Time Analytics with Apache Kafka

Create Kafka data pipelines, publish real-time APIs fast.

Real-Time Analytics with Confluent Cloud

Use cloud-native data streaming for rapid real-time data products.

Real-Time Analytics with Redpanda

Ingest data from Redpanda and build cost-efficient real-time analytics apps.

Real-Time Analytics with Google Pub/Sub

Capture Pub/Sub data, process with SQL, publish low-latency APIs.

Real-Time Analytics with Amazon Kinesis

Ingest Kinesis data, build scalable AWS analytics APIs.

Real-Time Analytics with Google BigQuery

Sync BigQuery, build real-time APIs for data apps.

Real-Time Analytics with Snowflake

Reduce costs, increase performance by ingesting data and publishing APIs.

Real-Time Analytics with Amazon Redshift

Create low-latency Redshift analytics APIs on AWS.

Real-Time Analytics with Amazon S3

Ease data lake analytics: Capture S3, build AWS APIs.

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