The Way to build Real-time Data Products

Tinybird helps data teams deliver real-time answers at scale through analytical API endpoints built in minutes, not weeks.


Ingest your data easily

Ingest millions of rows per second with our Data connectors or using CSV files. Transform or augment while you ingest if needed.

Works with Relational Databases, Data Warehouses and Data Streams.


Transform using SQL

Query your data using Pipes, a new way to chain SQL queries inspired by Python Notebooks, designed to reduce complexity without sacrificing performance.

Simplify complex queries

By splitting your query in different nodes you simplify creation and maintenance.

Add custom logic

Enable parameterised API endpoints using a simple templating language.

Transformations occur on-they-fly so you will always work with the latest data.


Build scalable API endpoints

Share access securely to your data in one click. Get fast and consistent results.

Apart from providing monitoring tools, Tinybird provides linear scalability. Don't worry about traffic spikes.

We decided to go with Tinybird rather than continuing to invest on our internal Clickhouse cluster. Tinybird's tools, scalability and support have helped us accelerate and improve our analytics dashboards for our customers.

Jordi Miró
CTO at The Hotels Network

"After testing with Postgres, Cassandra, Redshift, etc. we finally went with Tinybird. Technical support is incredible and our query latency has improved a lot. We are no longer worried about how many rows we have"

Pedro Liévana
Lead Engineer at Plytix

"Analytics at STAY are at another level now, all thanks to Tinybird's platform and the amazing technical support from their team during the migration and implementation process"

Joan Lladó

"With Tinybird we were able to deploy an alerts system over Kafka data without having to deploy a single line of code or worry about scale.
And any new use case is just a SQL query away."

Ignasi Vegas
Data Engineer at Feedback Loop

“Tinybird takes out the hassle of dealing with data access performance and DB scaling. Now we can focus on what really matters: providing the best tool possible to our clients”.

Álex López
Co-founder and CTO

For developers by developers

Imagine if you could turn any CSV file or Data Stream into a fully secured real-time analytics API endpoint in a matter of minutes. Connect your current database, data lake or data stream via CSVs or the built-in integrations.

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Getting started with Tinybird

Learn how to build a quick and easy API endpoint using open data. It will not take you more than 10 minutes!

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