What is Tinybird?

Tinybird is a data platform for data and engineering teams to solve complex real-time, operational, and user-facing analytics use cases at any scale. Tinybird makes it easy to import data from a variety of sources, use SQL to filter, aggregate, and join that data, and publish low-latency, high-concurrency RESTful API Endpoints.

You can build and manage your Tinybird data projects just as you would any software, using version control.

Start building for free

Want to try it out? Tinybird has a time-unlimited free tier, so you can start building today and learn at your own pace.

Sign up for a free account here.

Create your account

You can create an account with a Google, Microsoft, or GitHub account, or your email address.

After you create your account, you'll be prompted to choose a region to work in - pick the region that works best for you.

You'll then be asked to set your Workspace name; you can call it whatever you want, though you'll usually want to name it after what you're building.

Try out your Workspace

It's time to build! Explore your Workspace and make use of Tinybird's resources:

Follow the quick start tutorial

The Tinybird quick start gets you building immediately. Learn the basics of ingesting data into Tinybird, writing SQL, and publishing APIs. It's perfect for getting going with Tinybird, starting from an empty Workspace and walking through building an example use case.

Start with a template

Alternatively, use one of Tinybird's ready-to-deploy Starter Kits. The template in each Starter Kit comes with pre-built Data Sources, Pipes, and API Endpoints ready to serve data. Explore the repo, deploy to Tinybird, and follow the README to spin up a complete Tinybird data project in just a few minutes.

Getting started videos

Prefer videos? We've got you covered!

Explore different use cases

Head over to the Use Case Hub and see how to boost your project with real-time, user-facing analytics.

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