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Publish low-latency APIs on Confluent Streams in minutes with Tinybird

Instead of building a new consumer every time you want to make sense of your Confluent streams, write SQL queries and expose them as API endpoints. Easy to maintain. Always up-to-date. Fast as can be.
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Easy integration
Connect to your Confluent cluster in seconds. Choose your topics, define your schema, and ingest millions of events per second into a fully-managed OLAP.
It's just SQL
Using nothing but SQL, query your Confluent data and enrich it with dimensions from your database, warehouse, or files.
Publish APIs in a click
Instantly publish your SQL queries as parameterized data APIs, automatically documented and scaled.
Use Auth tokens to control access to API endpoints. Implement access policies as you need. Support for row-level security.

Turn Data Streams into answers in minutes with SQL.

Every new use case over your Confluent Data Streams is just one SQL query away. Store the raw data or materialize roll-ups in realtime at any scale. Enrich with SQL JOINs. We will worry about performance so you can focus on enabling your teams.
$ tb connection create confluent --bootstrap-servers pkc-a1234.europe-west2.gcp.confluent.cloud:9092 --key CK2AS3 --secret “19EfGz34t“
Connection name (optional, current: pkc-a1234.europe-west2.gcp.confluent.cloud:9092) [pkc-a1234.europe-west2.gcp.confluent.cloud:9092]:
** Connection 34250dcb-4e51-4d9b-9481-8db673c6a590 created successfully!

$ tb datasource connect 34250dcb-4e51-4d9b-9481-8db673c6a590 sales
We‘ve discovered the following topics:
Confluent topic:
Confluent group: tb-prod
Proceed? [y/N]:
** Data Source ‘t_07047b1547c64d5a882a97c2885f761e‘ created
** Confluent streaming connection configured successfully!
One topic, one data source
Tinybird consumes your topics in realtime into Data Sources that can be queried individually via SQL.
Enrich and Transform your Data Streams
As data comes in, you can enrich it with additional business relevant data via our Data Pipes and prepare it for consumption.
Publish API endpoints
Share access securely to your data with just one click and get full OpenAPI and Postman documentation for your APIs.

We accelerate your data, no matter where it is.

Connect data from Relational Databases, Data Warehouses and Data Streams.
Apache Kafka
Google BigQuery
Amazon S3
Amazon Kinesis
Google Pub/Sub

Build fast data products, faster.

Try Tinybird and bring your data sources together and enable engineers to build with data in minutes. No credit card required, free to get started.
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