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Tinybird is the real-time platform for data and engineering teams.

  • Turn Kafka streams into APIs in minutes.
  • Build user-facing applications on top of Snowflake, BigQuery, and other data warehouses.
  • Create powerful products using the freshest, most accurate data.
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We decided to go with Tinybird rather than continuing to invest on our internal Clickhouse cluster. Tinybird's tools, scalability and support have helped us accelerate and improve our analytics dashboards for our customers.
Jordi Miró
CTO at The Hotels Network
After testing with Postgres, Cassandra, Redshift, etc. we finally went with Tinybird. Technical support is incredible and our query latency has improved a lot. We are no longer worried about how many rows we have.
Pedro Liévana
Lead Engineer at Plytix
Analytics at STAY are at another level now, all thanks to Tinybird's platform and the amazing technical support from their team during the migration and implementation process.
Joan Lladó
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