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Simple, fair pricing.

Plans per Workspace. Only pay for what you use.

For testing and small projects.
  • Up to 1000/req. per day
  • 1 Copy Pipe
  • Unlimited processed GB
  • 10 GB max storage
  • Per Workspace, per month
Get started for free
No credit card needed
Pay as you grow
Recommended for production.
  • Unlimited req. per day
  • Up to 3 Sink and Copy Pipes
  • $0.07 per processed GB
  • $0.34 per stored GB
  • $0.01 - $0.1 per sinked GB
  • Per Workspace, per month
Get started for free
Volume discounts
Customized pricing for the most demanding workloads.
  • Choose your cloud
  • SLA for 99.9% Uptime
  • Secure cloud connectivity
  • Enterprise support
  • Team Administration
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All the plans Include
Unlimited seats
Unlimited Data Sources
Data Connectors
Multi-region support
Unlimited API Endpoints
Realtime materialization
Secured data
Technical support

Startup Program

Hatch your startup with Tinybird

Apply for free credits to help you build compelling user-facing features using real-time data.
Volume discounts
Enterprise Plan
Generous volume discounts.
Fully featured Tinybird suited to your needs.
Choose your Cloud
Available in Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Services, and Microsoft Azure (coming soon). Pay for Tinybird through your cloud portal.
Deployment Options
Tinybird transparently scales for you, so you can grow as fast as you need and query billions of rows in milliseconds.
SLA for 99.99% Uptime
Tinybird’s customers build user-facing applications with strict availability guarantees. With >99.99% uptime, you can trust Tinybird in production.
Secure Cloud Connectivity
Choose from AWS Private Link, GCP's Private Service Connect, or VPC Peering (for full deployments).
Enterprise Support
Top-notch support through email and Slack. Our engineering team will help you scope your project and provide architectural guidance. Our goal is your success
Tinybird is compliant with SOC 2 Type I & Type II. Support for SSO (SAML, etc.)
Team Administration
Check aggregated consumption and billing, track Workspaces and API Endpoints across your organization, control team member access to Workspaces.
Ready to get started?
Our engineering team are experts in real-time data and can help you scope your project and get underway fast.

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Tinybird can save you money.

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Frequently Asked Questions
In case you don‘t find an answer here, write to us at support@tinybird.co
How is processed data calculated?
Processed data equates broadly to “Written and Read” data. You write data when you ingest it into Tinybird and also when you materialize data into new Data Sources. You read data when you run queries against your Tinybird Data Sources.

Will every single query cost me? No, only the `productive` ones, or those you expose through APIs. Exploratory queries in the UI are free.

You can get started here and read the billing docs here. You can always set up another free Workspace and share Data Sources across them. In the Build (free) plan you‘ll be limited in the number of requests you can make.
How do Workspaces work?
When you sign up you will have a personal Workspace on the Build plan. You can then create additional Workspaces for each data project and share them with colleagues. Whilst you are exploring and experimenting, each Workspace will be on the Build plan.

You can upgrade individual Workspaces to Professional once the limits are constraining your data project. Develop as many projects as you wish on Build plans for free. Learn more about Workspaces in the docs.
Is storage billed per compressed data?
Yes it is. Read about it in more depth in the docs.
How is data storage calculated?
We take a measurement every day, but we charge you for the amount of storage you have at the end of the period. If you ingest a large volume of data on one day and then delete it, the chances are that it won‘t register. Read more about it in the docs.
How does price change as the amount of data grows?
As your processing volumes increase, you‘ll be able to see the predicted monthly cost and update your pricing tier. The higher the commitment, the lower the price per GB. Read more about it in the docs.
Do you charge per seat?
You can have unlimited seats in your instance of Tinybird. We charge based on the volume of data processed and stored. This way, the value you get from Tinybird is directly tied to what you pay for it.
Do you offer free trials or PoCs?
We are all for PoCs. If you want to test the limits of Tinybird beyond our Testing plan, our customer success team will work with you to get started. Contact Sales to organise one. Challenge us to tackle something you didn‘t think was possible :-)

You are also very welcome to start with a free plan and to keep using it for free as long as you stay within its limits (1000 reqs/day, 10 GB stored). You can upgrade to the Professional or Enterprise plans at any time.
Where do you store my data?
You can choose between different regions when you set up your workspace. Tinybird is currently available in the U.S. and E.U., but soon you‘ll be able to store your data in Asia, South America or Australia.
Can we use Tinybird on-premise?
We do not currently offer Tinybird on-premise. This is in our future roadmap, although we cannot commit to a release date. You can join our Slack channel to stay informed when we release this.
What type of support do you offer?
If you are on a Build (free) plan, the best place to find support is in our Slack community channel.

We offer support via email in the Professional plan, and also have dedicated customer success engineers for Enterprise plans. Read more about plans in the docs.

Build fast data products, faster.

Try Tinybird and bring your data sources together and enable engineers to build with data in minutes. No credit card required, free to get started.
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