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Tinybird Course

LIVE on September 8th, 2021 at 17:30 CET

Realtime analytics for ecommerce
at scale

Understanding the technology and techniques required to build realtime analysis over billions of transactions for international ecommerce at scale – a 90 minute crash course created by the Tinybird team.

Free edition ~90 minute live session.


About this Course

For the last few years, we have helped design and develop high performance realtime data products for ecommerce sites that operate globally. 

Working side by side with data teams, we have learned how the specific business requirements of ecommerce impact how you need to treat data and turn it into a real-time product: from the way you ingest it to how you publish and consume it. Providing instant access to consistent numbers and analysis about the business has become an immense competitive advantage for the teams we work with. It fundamentally changes how they operate.

You will find this course interesting if you work in data analytics in general, but especially if you are in ecommerce or another realtime at-scale business.


What you will learn

Challenges inherent to any analytics project at scale:

  • Dealing with large quantities of data: billions of ingested rows and trillions of rows scanned daily with high-frequency ingestion.
  • Achieving high-concurrency consumption: several hundred, or more, requests per second serving real-time dashboards and/or automations.
  • Data reconciliation: deduplication techniques and the ability to rewrite history at the scale and speed mentioned above.

Specific to ecommerce:

  • Stock and catalog management
  • Handling the order life cycle
  • Reporting consistent results over different currencies and time zones
  • Preparing for special events like Black Friday

Additional "small" details:

  • Achieving “realtime”: sub-second API endpoints, responses, and chart rendering. 
  • How to keep costs down even as data and use cases grow.
  • How to be flexible enough to adapt to new use cases.

We are opening this first revision to a reduced group of people. 

Ideally this would be a face to face full day course but given the circumstances we are planning a reduced (3-4 hours) remote version.


Course instructors

Javier Santana

Javier Santana

Tech. Previously Head of BBVA Data services, CARTO CTO and Agroguia Founder.

Carlos Albaladejo

Data Engineer at Tinybird, GTM team. 



Course outline


Coming soon

In future courses we will dive into:

Tinybird  Course

LIVE on September 8th, 2021 at 17:30 CET

Realtime analytics for ecommerce at scale

Learn what it takes to query billion row datasets in under 100ms.

Save a seat!

Tinybird  Course

Real-time analytics for ecommerce at scale

Who this course is for

We recommend you join the course if you:

  • Are in a product management, data science, data engineering, or related data and analytics role

  • Work in retail or ecommerce

  • You are a developer, DBA or any data related role.

  • Are familiar with SQL, but you don't need to be an expert