Tinybird Hackathon

To Infinity and beyond

Calling all explorers of new worlds to join the first ever Tinybird Hackathon. Your mission is simple: Build a space-themed application using Tinybird (and win some awesome prizes).

What is Tinybird?

Tinybird is a platform that lets you ingest data, shape it with SQL, and publish the results as REST APIs. There aren’t any SDKs or libraries to learn, just use whatever you’re comfortable with to interact with APIs over HTTP.

Here's a 5-minute overview
Need a little help getting started? Here’s a 1-minute overview

Mission briefing



Submission time

Due by 11:59 GMT on
October 31st, 2022

Supplies Required

Free Tinybird account &
GitHub or GitLab account

Briefing notes

Team Size

This is an individual challenge. You’re on your own, Space Ranger.

Streaming Data

You can use your own data, or pull from this list we’ve compiled. Data must not include any PII.

No Limits

You may create anything as long as it uses Tinybird and is space-themed.

Fresh Code

You must create something from scratch. Submissions may be subject to a code-review to be eligible to win.. This is to ensure that all code used is in fact fresh.


Log your submissions to Star Command using the form below. Each submission should include a well-documented GitHub repo, a working demo app, and a 2-min video demonstration of the app.

IP & Ownership

You own your IP and anything you create using Tinybird.

Judging criteria

Submissions will be judged subjectively by a panel of independent developers and data engineers. All of the following factors will be considered when judging whether you’ve completed your mission:


Does it work?


Are queries optimized?


Is it easy to understand what you did?


Does it look nice?


Does it pull us in with wonder and amazement?


x1 Grand Prize

M2 MacBook Air

x2 Runner Ups

Keychron K2

Mission complete?

Submit your work using the form below:


Contact us through email

You can reach us sending an email to

Contact us through Slack

Join the #hackathon channel in our
Slack Community