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When NOT to use normalizedQueryHash in ClickHouse

The function normalizedQueryHash sometimes returns the same value for queries with the same structure but that use different resources:

normalizedQueryHash('SELECT * FROM table_123') = normalizedQueryHash('SELECT * FROM table_456') AS is_equal,
normalizedQueryHash('SELECT * FROM table_a12') = normalizedQueryHash('SELECT * FROM table_b34') AS is_not_equal
Query id: 9ebbc48e-030f-48d7-824b-7cf3f254a3ad


Since this is what is being used to set the normalized_query_hash value in the query_log table, if you use this column to look for identical queries, beware that it could be wrong. If you run these queries and then take a look at the system.query_log table, you can see how, even if the table used is different, the normalized_query_hash value is the same:

formatted_query:                       SELECT * FROM table_123
normalized_query_hash: 6380570996346862988
formatted_query:                       SELECT * FROM table_456
normalized_query_hash: 6380570996346862988