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Detect leap years

A leap year is a year that contains 366 days instead of 365 days, with the extra day occuring on February 29th (rather than February ending on the 28th), and happens every 4 years. They can be really annoying for date math!

So, how can you detect whether a year is a leap year?

Quite easily actually; ClickHouse contains a function toLastDayOfMonth which, as you might have guessed, takes an input Date, and returns a Date representing the last day of the given month. So, to find a leap year, simply ask for the last day of February for a given year, and if the returned day is the 29th, you know it is a leap year!

SELECT toLastDayOfMonth(makeDate(2020, 2, 1))

┌─toLastDayOfMonth(makeDate(2020, 2, 1))─┐