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Get the latest ClickHouse build

ClickHouse development happens very quickly, with hundreds of on-going pull requests and many changes happening daily. If you don't want to build ClickHouse to get the latest changes from HEAD you can simply download the latest build with:

curl | sh

Then you can follow the instructions to either simply execute the binary or install it in the system.

For example:

$ ./clickhouse local
ClickHouse local version (official build).

Mordor :) Select version();

SELECT version()

Query id: 26b5ae47-e866-4912-95dd-156990ff5420

┌─version()───┐ │

1 row in set. Elapsed: 0.001 sec.

Mordor :) Bye.

This way you can test any new feature that hasn't been released yet to provide feedback, verify if bugs are already fixed, and so on.