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How to estimate the progress of a running query in ClickHouse

If you have the query_id of a ClickHouse query, you can estimate the running percentage and time to completion with this query:

(100 * read_rows) / total_rows_approx AS progress_percentage,
elapsed AS elapsed_time,
(elapsed / (read_rows / total_rows_approx)) * (1 - (read_rows / total_rows_approx)) AS estimated_remaining_time
FROM system.processes
WHERE query_id = 'a6fca6dc-1a9a-4243-b633-17b090fdfccc'
FORMAT Vertical

Row 1:
query_id: a6fca6dc-1a9a-4243-b633-17b090fdfccc
progress_percentage: 61.5495915
elapsed_time: 233.419534862
estimated_remaining_time: 145.8186195650688DROP TABLE table_name;

If you need to get the query_id for a specific query, you can use SHOW PROCESSLIST or query system.processes to list the running queries and processes.