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Query a remote ClickHouse server

If you have more than one ClickHouse cluster, you might want to send queries from one cluster to another. This is pretty easy in ClickHouse, which has built in support for just that.

The remote (or remoteSecure) functions can be used in the FROM clause to read data from a remote server.

To send a query to a specific remote ClickHouse server, you can use remote. For example:

SELECT count()
FROM remote('', 'default.t1') AS t
WHERE date >= today()

Query id: 1868afed-9689-4605-9675-4be4a7725ea4


Similarly, if you have configured remote servers as a cluster in your ClickHouse config, you can send a query to all servers in the remote cluster using the clusterAllReplicas function. For example:

FROM clusterAllReplicas('clustername', system.mutations)
WHERE NOT is_done
FORMAT Vertical

Query id: e53b1851-3246-4d40-8c95-687d3fde5958

Row 1:
hostName(): host-db-2
database: database_name
table: table_name
mutation_id: 0000000004
create_time: 2022-09-19 16:34:24
block_numbers.partition_id: ['all']
block_numbers.number: [238358]
parts_to_do_names: ['all_164055_173528_6_184171']
parts_to_do: 1
is_done: 0
latest_fail_time: 1970-01-01 00:00:00

1 rows in set. Elapsed: 0.017 sec.