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Control TTL at ingestion time

The TTL of a table can be an expression that references one or more columns; this means that the TTL for a given row will be calculated at the point of ingestion.

Create aliases for Postgres functions

Using ClickHouse, but more comfortable with Postgres? Learn how to use custom ClickHouse functions to recreate your favorite Postgres functions in ClickHouse.

Create ASCII art

Ever wanted to create ASCII art from your database? If you're crazy enough to try it, here's how!

Detect leap years

Need to detect leap years in ClickHouse? Here's a query to find years that contain 366 days instead of 365.

Drop large tables

Dropping large tables in ClickHouse, but exceeding the size limits? Here's how to drop a ClickHouse table over the default 50GB size.

Test ClickHouse on ARM

Want to test ClickHouse on ARM, but you're using a different machine? Here's how to test ClickHouse on ARM without getting an ARM instance from a cloud provider.