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Log Analytics

Analyze software logs, warnings, and errors in minutes with this language-agnostic Log Analytics Starter Kit.

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Log Analytics

Start analyzing your logs

Use this Starter Kit to quickly deploy all the assets you need to ingest, query, and analyze your application logs.


Deploy the Tinybird data project

Click the button below to deploy the data project to Tinybird.

Deploy project

Deploy the Tinybird data project

This will automatically set up all of the resources you need to collect, analyze, and publish your logs.


Deploy the analytics dashboard

The Starter Kit includes an open source Next.js dashboard, which uses the amazing Tremor visualization library to create beautiful charts and metrics from your logs.

Deploy the analytics dashboard

You can deploy the dashboard to Vercel for free with one click:

Deploy dashboard to Vercel

...or use our hosted demo dashboard if you just want to take a look around. Visit the URL below, and you'll be prompted for the app token that was created after Step 1.

Deploy the analytics dashboard


Add your logging code

Send your logs to Tinybird with a simple HTTP request.

You can send your logs to the Tinybird Events API, which is a simple HTTP endpoint that accepts POST requests with NDJSON data. Write your own logger, or use any existing logging library, to push your logs to Tinybird.

The Starter Kit includes some example WebApp Loggers, like TypeScript + Next.js or Python + FastAPI, but you can write your own for any language or framework.

Use the code below to send data to Tinybird using the Events API.

Or, if you just want to test the functionality, you can generate some fake data from within the dashboard.

Add your logging code

Why use this Starter Kit?

It’s language-agnostic

There’s no client libraries or custom data formats. The Log Analytics Starter Kit uses the Tinybird Events API, which is a standard HTTP endpoint for high-frequency log ingestion. Just send a POST request with your logs in JSON. Tinybird will do the rest.

Events API Guide

It’s based on REST APIs

Tinybird lets you query your log data with SQL and instantly publish those queries as low-latency REST APIs. The Starter Kit includes interesting metrics and a pre-built dashboard to get you started.

It’s completely customizable

The Starter Kit includes plenty of example metrics to get you started, but you can customize them to whatever extent you need, with nothing but simple SQL. And by the way, exploratory queries in the Tinybird UI are always free. Prototype your heart out.

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