Tinybird guides

Docs vs guides

At Tinybird, we offer you multiple ways of learning: written information, screencasts and videos, a Slack community to ask questions in, starter kit repos, and live coding webinars.

Within the written information, knowledge is split up as follows:

  1. The docs give you information about the Tinybird platform, its features, and capabilities.
  2. The guides give you real life, real time examples in an easy to follow tutorial or "How To..." format.

For instance: The docs tell you about Materialized Views on Tinybird as a concept or capability. The associated guides tell you about how to make your own Materialized View.

Where to start

Each guide includes a rough estimate of required familiarity with the platform:




Don't be put off if you're new. Pick a guide that interests you, and read through it as many times as you need. You're bound to pick it up and learn as you go! Remember, you can always reach out in the Slack community or email us at support@tinybird.co if you get stuck.

Next steps

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