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Genially uses Tinybird to display realtime content interaction metrics for their customers

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With Tinybird there were no problems. It just worked. Also, it works better and faster than before.

Chema Roldán
Chema Roldán, CTO at Genially

+20Muser accounts

<100msto get available data. Before 3s

2system used instead of 3

1. About Genially

Genially is the home of visual and interactive content. Since 90% of the information we consume is visual, Genially makes it possible to create interactive and animated presentations, infographics, gamifications, and images that keep audiences engaged with vibrant content - all without a team of designers or programmers. More than 20 million people around the world use Genially to create content, so there’s a good chance you’ve used it or interacted with a piece of Genially content.

2. Showing customers how users were interacting with their content

When it comes to understanding how their content is performing, power users of Genially don’t want to wait for their dashboard to load. The dashboard was only available to users on Genially’s most expensive plan, and they expected insights instantly. But the challenge was that the dashboards weren’t loading instantly. Genially had reached their Google Analytics API limit, and customers were regularly seeing a timeout error, or worse: a blank screen. Additionally, Google Analytics was only serving up estimated insights, never the realtime data.

Since the dashboard was originally built using a combination of Postgres, MongoDB and Google Analytics, there was a lot of tooling complexity and maintenance when it came to serving analytics to customers. All this slowed down the speed with which Genially could build and release new features, as their efforts were focused on their tooling set-up. Chema Roldán, Genially’s CTO knew the time had come to find a new solution.

3. From three tools, to one tool…to rule them all

Integration was a breeze. The team found it straightforward to ingest content performance data into Tinybird. Then they were able to create API endpoints in just a few minutes which they can push into the customer’s own dashboard. Now they can access realtime dashboards and can see how their content is performing. On top of that, the development team can focus on releasing new features faster, as they no longer need to maintain multiple tools.

In the last few months, Chema and the team at Genially have been working on the next version of their product dashboard. Soon, their dashboards for pro accounts will provide an even more detailed view of how their content is performing. Customers will be able to see how users have performed on a quiz, and see other granular information - all in realtime. With Tinybird, Genially has the flexibility to go beyond page views and basic metrics.

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