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Drop large tables

ClickHouse limits the size of the tables you can drop/truncate with the max_table_size_to_drop parameter. By default, the maximum is 50GB.

To manually drop/truncate it, you need to create a file in the /mnt/disks/tb/clickhouse/flags directory:

sudo touch '/mnt/disks/tb/clickhouse/flags/force_drop_table' && sudo chmod 666 '/mnt/disks/tb/clickhouse/flags/force_drop_table'

This will let you drop/truncate a >50GB table once, and then ClickHouse will automatically delete the flag file. If you want to drop/truncate more than one large table, you'll need to recreate the flag file.

Be mindful that if you create the file and then drop/truncate a smaller table, the flag file will not be erased.