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Estimate the progress of a query

For longer running queries, you might want to track roughly how much progress the query has made. You can use the system.processes table to get information about your query and estimate it's progress.

You will need the query_id of the query you want to check. For example:

(100 * read_rows) / total_rows_approx AS progress_percentage,
elapsed AS elapsed_time,
(elapsed / (read_rows / total_rows_approx)) * (1 - (read_rows / total_rows_approx)) AS estimated_remaining_time
FROM system.processes
WHERE query_id = 'a6fca6dc-1a9a-4243-b633-17b090fdfccc'
FORMAT Vertical

Row 1:
query_id: a6fca6dc-1a9a-4243-b633-17b090fdfccc
progress_percentage: 61.5495915
elapsed_time: 233.419534862
estimated_remaining_time: 145.8186195650688DROP TABLE table_name;

You can also use SHOW PROCESSLIST.