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Optimize queries with Sum and Count

Imagine you want to both sum the values of ColumnA and count the number of rows at the same time.

You would normally write this like as follow:

SELECT sum(ColumnA), count(ColumnA) FROM my_table

However, traditionaly this is performed by calculating one value, and then the next, as separate operations - meaning twice the reads.

ClickHouse contains the function sumCount which optimizes this query by calculating both values at the same time and returning a tuple with the results in the format (sum, count).

SELECT sumCount(ColumnA) FROM my_table


Enable automatic optimization

You can enable automatic optimisation of queries that use both sum() and count() by using the flag optimize_syntax_fuse_functions.

Check if automatic optimization is enabled

To verify if automatic optimization is enabled, you can use EXPLAIN SYNTAX.

EXPLAIN SYNTAX SELECT sum(ColumnA), count(ColumnA) FROM my_table