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Change table TTLs

Want to change table TTLs in ClickHouse? Here's how you can modify the TTL of a table in ClickHouse and avoid impacting performance.

Create client sessions over HTTP

Want to know how to create a session when using the ClickHouse HTTP endpoint? Here's how to use the session_id parameter with ClickHouse.

Explore data from the terminal

Want to explore data using ClickHouse in the terminal? Here's how to do that with the clickhouse-client command line interface.

Find Materialized View dependencies

If you change a table in ClickHouse, it can affect Materialized Views that depend on it. Here's how to find all MV dependencies for your ClickHouse table.

Format queries

Are your ClickHouse queries ugly? Here's how to format them in the command line with the ClickHouse query formatter.

Get the latest ClickHouse build

Want to get the latest ClickHouse build? Here's how to download the latest build to keep up with the many changes to ClickHouse.

Get your ClickHouse version

Wondering what version of ClickHouse you're running? Here's how to get your ClickHouse version with a query, in the CLI, or over the HTTP interface.

Handle integer overflows

ClickHouse doesn't perform overflow checks when casting between integer types. Here's how to handle integer overflows in ClickHouse with accurateCast.

Hard delete a table with SYNC

Want to drop a table in ClickHouse without waiting until it's deleted? Here's how to use the SYNC modifier to drop tables synchronously in ClickHouse.

Live Views

Sometimes you want ClickHouse materialized views to behave like a typical RDBMS. Here's how to use Live Views to periodically refresh ClickHouse materializations.

Monitor for server errors

Wondering how to monitor your ClickHouse server for new errors? Use the system.errors table to track all errors since the server started.

Parse an array of JSON objects

ClickHouse has functions to extract data from JSON strings, but what if you want to parse an array of JSON objects? Here's how.

Parse URLs

Parsing URLs with SQL can be a pain. Here's how to use ClickHouse functions to work with URLs and avoid writing custom Regex.

Select data from multiple tables

Want to get data from multiple tables in ClickHouse with a single query? Use the merge() ClickHouse function instead of UNION ALL for cleaner queries.

Show logs in the CLI

Trying to debug a problem with your ClickHouse query, but having trouble filtering through the log file? Here's how to show logs in the CLI to reduce noise when debugging ClickHouse.

Soft delete tables

Want to drop a table in ClickHouse, but worried about losing data? Here's how to "soft" delete a ClickHouse table so you can restore it in the future.

Subtract two DateTime64 values

Working with datetimes in ClickHouse? Here's how to subtract values from two DateTime64 columns in a ClickHouse table without getting an error.

Swap tables

Want to swap one table for another in ClickHouse? Here are two ways to swap tables in ClickHouse using EXCHANGE TABLE or RENAME TABLE statements

When to use -If vs WHERE

Wondering the difference between the -If combinator and the WHERE statement in ClickHouse? Here are some guidelines to help you choose between -If and WHERE in ClickHouse.