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Create aliases for Postgres functions

Using ClickHouse, but more comfortable with Postgres? Learn how to use custom ClickHouse functions to recreate your favorite Postgres functions in ClickHouse.

Find Materialized View dependencies

If you change a table in ClickHouse, it can affect Materialized Views that depend on it. Here's how to find all MV dependencies for your ClickHouse table.

Monitor ClickHouse mutations

ClickHouse mutations are asynchronous and can take time to finish. Here's how to monitor their progress with a built in ClickHouse table.

Parse an array of JSON objects

ClickHouse has functions to extract data from JSON strings, but what if you want to parse an array of JSON objects? Here's how.

Test ClickHouse on ARM

Want to test ClickHouse on ARM, but you're using a different machine? Here's how to test ClickHouse on ARM without getting an ARM instance from a cloud provider.

Use LowCardinality

ClickHouse LowCardinality types can improve the speed of your queries. Here is how and when to use LowCardinality to optimize column storage for faster queries.