What is Tinybird?

Tinybird provides you with an easy way to ingest, query and publish your data so you can focus on building beautiful, and powerful, applications.

You can bring data from many different sources into Tinybird; streams over HTTP, Kafka topics, import from Warehouses or upload files.

Once ingested, you can write SQL to transform, aggregate, join and do pretty much anything you can achieve in SQL. Rather than writing huge, monstrous queries that are hard to maintain, you can break your queries into multiple, small statements and chain them together.

With the SQL out of the way, you can publish the results of your queries as standard REST APIs at the click of a button. Your APIs can accept user inputs (query parameters), are secured by auth tokens, have auto-generated documentation & capture all of the observability data.

Start building for free

Want to try it out? Tinybird has a time-unlimited free tier, so you can start building today and learn at your own pace.

Sign up for a free account here.

Creating your account

You can create an account with your Google, Microsoft or GitHub accounts or your email address.

After you create your account, you’ll be prompted to choose a region to work in. There are two regions, EU and US, and you’re welcome to pick the region that works best for you.

You’ll then be asked to set your Workspace name; you can call it whatever you want, though you’ll usually want to name it after what you are building.

Watch the GIF below, you can be up and running in 15 seconds!


Quick Start: choose your adventure!

This guide will have you building APIs in minutes, but everyone works a little bit differently. It’s time to choose your own adventure!

  1. Get started with the CLI

  2. Get started with the UI

Getting started videos

Prefer videos? We’ve got you covered!

  1. Getting started with Tinybird in 3 minutes (UI)

  2. Getting started with the CLI

  3. Ingesting data from a file UI vs CLI