Tinybird billing is based on the pricing of different data operations (storage, processing, and transfer). This page explains all 3 in detail.

This page is relevant for users on a Professional plan (see Tinybird plans). The Build plan is free, with some usage limits. If you're an Enterprise customer, speak to us at to reduce these unit prices as part of volume discounts and Enterprise plan commitments.

At a glance

  • Data storage: US$0.34 per GB
  • Data processing (read or write): US$0.07 per GB
  • Data transfer: US$0.01 to US$0.10 per GB

To see the full breakdown for each individual operation, skip to billing breakdown.

Data storage

Data storage refers to the disk storage of all the data you keep in Tinybird and is priced at US$0.34 per GB, regardless of the region. Data storage is usually the smallest part of your Tinybird bill, and your main Data Sources will be responsible for the largest percentage of storage.


Data storage pricing is based on the volume of storage used after compression, calculated on the last day of every month. The exact rate of compression varies depending on your data, but generally you can expect a compression factor of between 3x to 10x. For example, with a compression factor of 3.5x, if you import 100 GB of uncompressed data, that will translate to approximately 28.6 GB compressed. In that case, your bill would be based on the final 28.6 GB of stored data.

Version control

If your Workspace uses the Tinybird <> Git integration feature, only data storage associated with the production Workspace (not Branches) is included when determining the storage bill.

Removing historical data can lower your storage bill. Tinybird allows you to configure a time-to-live (TTL) on any Data Source, which deletes data older than a given time period. This gives you control over how much data is retained in a Data Source. A common pattern is to ingest raw data, materialize it, and clear out the raw data with a TTL to reduce storage.

Data processing

Data processing can be split into write and read activities. All processed data is priced at US$0.07 per GB.

Write activities

You write data whenever you ingest into Tinybird. This includes when you create, append, delete, or replace data in a Data Source, or write data to a Materialized View.

Read activities

You read data when you run queries against your Data Sources to generate responses to API Endpoint requests. You also read data when you make requests to the Query API. The only exception is if you're manually running a query - see Exceptions for more information.

Read activities also include the amount of data fetched to generate API Endpoint responses. For example, if 10 MB of data is processed to generate one API Endpoint response, you would be billed for 10 MB. If the same API Endpoint is called 10 times, that would be 10 x 10 MB, and you would be billed for 100 MB of processed data in total.

Materialized Views

Materialized Views involve both read and write (data processing) operations, plus data storage operations.

Whenever you add new data to a Materialized View, you are writing to it. However, note that there is no charge when you first create and populate a Materialized View; only incremental updates are billed. Because Materialized Views typically process and store only a fraction of the data that you ingest into Tinybird, the cost of Materialized Views is usually minimal.


You data processing bill will be impacted by compression. Depending on the operating being performed, data is handled in different ways and it isn't always possible to predict exact levels of read or written bytes in advance for all customers. The best option is to query the Service Data Sources and analyze your results.

Version control

If your Workspace uses the Tinybird <> Git integration feature, only data processing associated with the production Workspace (not Branches) is included when determining the amount of processed data.

Typically, data processing will be the largest percentage of your Tinybird bill. This is why, as you scale, it's really important to optimize your queries, understand Materialized Views, and analyze the performance of your API Endpoints. Tinybird works with customers on a daily basis to help optimize their queries and reduce data processing, sometimes reducing their processed data by over 10x. If you want support to optimize your use case, contact us in the Tinybird Slack community or email us at

Data transfer

Currently, the only service to incur data transfer costs is Tinybird's AWS S3 Sink. If you're not using this Sink, you won't be charged any data transfer costs. (Note that the Tinybird S3 Sink incurs both data transfer and data processing (read) costs).

Data transfer depends on your environment. There are two scenarios:

  • The destination bucket is in the same cloud provider and region as your Tinybird workspace: US$0.01 per GB
  • The destination bucket is in a different cloud provider or region as your Tinybird workspace: US$0.10 per GB


Tinybird is designed to support exploration and testing, so these types of operations are completely free and do not count towards billing:

  • Anything on a Build plan.
  • Any operation that does not involve processing, storing, or transferring data:
    • API calls to the Tokens, Jobs, or Analyze Endpoints.
    • Management operations over resources like Sinks or Pipes (create, update, delete, get details), or Data Sources (create, get details; update & delete incur cost).
    • Populating a Materialized View with historical data (only inserting new data into an existing MV is billed).
  • Manual query executions made inside the UI (Pipes, Time Series, Playground) - anywhere you can press the "Run" button, that's free 🎉.
  • Queries to Service Data Sources.
  • Any time data is deleted as a result of TTL operations.

Monitor your usage

Users on any plan can monitor their usage. To see an at-a-glance overview, select the cog icon in the navigation (top right of your Workspace) and select the Usage tab (see Mark 1 below):


You can also check your usage by querying the data available in the Service Data Sources. These Data Sources contain all the internal data about your Tinybird usage, and you can query them using Pipes just like any other Data Source. This means you can publish the results as an API Endpoint, and build charts in Grafana, export to DataDog, and more.

Queries made to Service Data Sources are free of charge and don't count towards your usage. However, calls to API Endpoints that use Service Data Sources do count towards API rate limits.

Users on any plan can use the strategies outlined in the "Monitor your ingestion" guide. If you're an Enterprise customer, check your Consumption overview in the Organizations UI.

Reduce your bill

The way you reduce your Tinybird overall bill is by reducing your stored, processed, and/or transferred data.

To reduce stored data, choose the right sorting key(s) based on your queries, and use (Materialized Views to process data on ingestion.

To reduce processed data, use Materialized Views and implement a TTL on raw data.

To reduce transferred data costs, make sure you're transferring data in the same cloud region.

Billing breakdown

This section gives you tables with full detail on each operation, grouped by main user action.

Data ingestion

ServiceOperationProcessing feeDescription
Datasources APIWriteUS$0.07 per GBLow frequency: Append data to an existing Data Source (imports, backfilling...).
Events APIWriteUS$0.07 per GBHigh frequency: Insert events in real-time (individual or batched).
ConnectorsWriteUS$0.07 per GBAny connector that ingests data into Tinybird (Kafka, S3, GCS, BigQuery, etc.)

Data manipulation

ServiceOperationProcessing feeDescription
Pipes APIReadUS$0.07 per GBInteractions with Pipes to retrieve data from Tinybird will incur on reading operations.
Query APIReadUS$0.07 per GBInteractions with the Query API to retrieve data from Tinybird.
Materialized Views (populate)Read/WriteFreeExecuted as soon as you create the MV to populate it. Tinybird will not charge any processing fee. Data will be written into a new or existing Data Source.
Materialized Views (append)Read/WriteUS$0.07 per GBNew data is read from a origin data source, filtered and written to a destination data source.
Copy PipesRead/WriteUS$0.07 per GBOn Demand or scheduled operation. Data is read from the data source, filtered and written to a destination data source.
ReplaceRead/WriteUS$0.07 per GBReplacing data entirely or selectively.
Delete dataRead/WriteUS$0.07 per GBSelective data delete from a Data Source.
Delete an entire Data SourceRead/WriteUS$0.07 per GBDelete all the data inside a Data Source.
TruncateWriteUS$0.07 per GBDelete all the data from a Data Source.
TTL operationsWriteFreeAnytime we delete data as a result of a TTL.
BI ConnectorReadUS$0.07 per GBData read from Tinybird via the BI connector.

Data transfer

ServiceOperationProcessing feeData transfer feeDescription
S3 SinkRead/Transfer (no Write fees)US$0.07 per GBSame region: US$0.01 per GB. Different region: US$0.10 per GBData will be read and filtered, to then be transferred to the destination bucket. This is an on demand or scheduled operation. Data transfer fees will apply.

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