Oct 19, 2023

We have released a stable version of the Tinybird CLI

Introducing the Tinybird CLI v1.0.0, our first stable release.
Alejandro del Amo
Data Engineer

The Tinybird CLI is an essential tool for our customers. It has been the preferred way to interact with Tinybird APIs for many of our customers. With our recent Versions release, it has become the indispensable “command center” for version control and CI/CD operations. The importance of the CLI in our users’ daily operations cannot be overstated, and we recognize that bugs and instability in the tool can limit their productivity in our platform. 

We are excited to announce our release of a stable version of the Tinybird CLI. The stable version is live on PyPi, and you can upgrade with pip:

Why are we releasing a stable version?

The Tinybird CLI has been in development for over three years, undergoing continuous enhancements and rigorous beta testing.

Until now, we have followed an incremental approach, releasing numerous beta versions of our CLI (448 incremental releases since August 2020). 

This incremental release strategy allowed us to iterate quickly based on real-time customer feedback and deliver new features and improvements promptly. 

However, it introduced some challenges for our customers:

  1. Noise: With each new change or enhancement, we released a new beta version. While this approach allowed us to deliver updates rapidly, it also generated a considerable amount of version noise, as some days saw multiple releases.
  2. Lack of Semantic Versioning: We did not adhere to a semantic versioning scheme, making it difficult for our users to determine whether a new release contained breaking changes or simply included fixes. Our customers were often confused as to when they needed to upgrade to avoid breaking changes.

Introducing the stable version and new release cycle

Tinybird customers, we have heard your feedback and are excited to share our new CLI release, v1.0.0.

Stable Version with Semantic Versioning

Starting now, we will release our CLI using stable versions. We will increment the version following a semantic versioning MAJOR.MINOR.PATCH scheme:

  • MAJOR version for incompatible API changes
  • MINOR version for backward-compatible functionality
  • PATCH version for backward-compatible bug fixes

We believe this change will make it easier for you to understand the nature of each release, whether it introduces breaking changes or provides fixes and enhancements.

Regular Weekly Releases 

You can expect a new version of the Tinybird CLI to be released on a weekly basis. This regular cadence ensures that you receive consistent updates and improvements. You can subscribe to the PyPi project RSS feed to stay informed about new releases. As we continue to iterate our CLI to make it more powerful and user-friendly, we encourage you to refer to the README as new changes are released.

A sincere “thank you” to all our customers who have been instrumental in providing feedback, testing, and contributing to the development of the CLI. Your support has been invaluable in reaching this important milestone.

If you're new to the CLI and would like to start using it, check out our helpful CLI Overview.

We look forward to continuing our journey with you, delivering a more stable, predictable, and feature-rich CLI experience. A delightful developer experience remains at the forefront of our mission, and we’re excited about the future of the CLI and Tinybird’s real-time data platform.

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