Nov 28, 2023

Tinybird expands self-service real-time analytics to AWS

Starting today, our self-service customers can select Amazon Web Services as their deployment environment when creating a new Tinybird Workspace. Tinybird is already trusted by AWS customers, including FanDuel, Factorial, and Canva.
Cameron Archer
Content Lead

We are excited to announce that Tinybird is now available on Amazon Web Services (AWS) for self-service Free and Pro plans. Customers can now choose to build real-time data products with Tinybird in AWS US East (us-east-1) or AWS EU Central (eu-central-1).

Tinybird has worked with our Enterprise customers on AWS for over a year. Companies such as FanDuel, Factorial, and Canva have built highly differentiated solutions on AWS using real-time data analytics powered by Tinybird. Now, self-service customers can also choose AWS, providing them the flexibility and choice to deploy Tinybird in the cloud environment that best suits their needs.


Today's self-service launch of Tinybird on Amazon Web Services underscores our commitment to meeting data and engineering teams where they are, and to provide them with the tools they need to build over real-time data. By expanding self-service availability to AWS, we are lowering the barrier for businesses of all sizes to accelerate through real-time data engineering. 

Today's self-service launch of Tinybird on Amazon Web Services underscores our commitment to meeting data and engineering teams where they are.

We are excited to partner with AWS and our valued customers on this journey, making data-driven innovation possible and enabling faster time-to-market.

Read on for more information about Tinybird and how you can use Tinybird on AWS. If you’re ready to get started with Tinybird, you can create an account for free (no credit card required). If you’d like more assistance in determining how Tinybird can help you, request a demo with one of our engineers.

Want to see Tinybird on AWS in action?
Join next week's live coding session. We'll build a real-time analytics use case using MSK (Kafka) and S3 in Tinybird in under an hour. You can register here.

Tinybird makes real-time data possible

The data engineering landscape is changing. It's no longer sufficient to rely on batch ETLs and days-old data for business intelligence. Data engineers are now being asked to build real-time data pipelines that support user-facing, revenue-generating use cases.

Businesses need to be able to access and analyze their data in real-time to build differentiated features and make faster, more informed decisions. However, this can be challenging, as data is often siloed and difficult to access.

That's where Tinybird comes in.

Tinybird is a real-time platform for data and engineering teams to unify streaming and batch data, use SQL and Git to build high-concurrency, low-latency data products, and share them with their team as documented, scalable APIs. 

With Tinybird, data in various AWS systems can be combined and published as real-time APIs in minutes.

Use Tinybird to unify batch and streaming data sources both on AWS and in external locations and build real-time data products.

Using Tinybird on AWS

Tinybird makes it simple to build real-time data products on AWS. Here's how:

1. Create a Tinybird Workspace on AWS

Once you have signed up for a free Tinybird account, set up your first Workspace in an AWS region.

You can now select AWS us-east-1 when creating a Tinybird Workspace.

2. Start ingesting data

Ingesting data into Tinybird is fast and easy thanks to our native connectors and intuitive guides. With Tinybird, you can connect to Managed Streaming for Apache Kafka (MSK), S3, Kinesis, SNS, SQS, and more.

For example, to connect to MSK, you simply:

  1. Create a Data Source with the Tinybird Kafka Connector
  2. Enter your MSK cluster details
  3. Select your MSK topic
  4. Define your table schema

Tinybird will begin streaming data from MSK and writing it to a Tinybird Data Source in real time.

Configuring MSK ingestion into Tinybird requires very little effort. Just define your cluster settings, select a topic, define your schema, and begin streaming.

Or, to connect to S3, you can:

  1. Create a Data Source with the Tinybird S3 Connector
  2. Enter your S3 bucket details
  3. Set a URI path expression to filter files to ingest
  4. Set your sync frequency
  5. Define your table schema

Tinybird will continually sync the files from your S3 bucket into a Tinybird Data Source at the frequency you select.

3. Filter, aggregate, and join with SQL

With Tinybird, building real-time data products requires nothing but SQL. Using Tinybird Pipes, you can define real-time transformations on your data in SQL. Pipes make it easier to develop complex analytical SQL pipelines by breaking up queries into short, maintainable nodes. With Pipes, building real-time data products is faster, easier to maintain, and more observable.

4. Publish instant APIs

Share your real-time data products as APIs with Tinybird. In a single click or command, you instantly publish your Pipes as fully documented, scalable, dynamic, and secure REST APIs that serve your data products in a variety of formats.

Use Tinybird's templating language to create query parameters and custom API logic, and secure access to your APIs with auth tokens that support row-level security. Programmatically integrate your Tinybird APIs with OpenAPI 3.0 compatible documentation.

AWS customers love Tinybird

Existing AWS customers will get all the benefits of Tinybird:

  • Unify batch and streaming data using a friendly, intuitive interface. With Tinybird, you can quickly ingest and join data from many different AWS systems, including MSK, S3, Kinesis, SNS, SQS, and more. Data ingestion takes just a few clicks or command-line instructions.
  • Use the tools you already know and love. Tinybird is the most intuitive way to build real-time data products on AWS. Build real-time data pipelines on AWS using SQL, version and deploy them with Git, and integrate your entire data project into your existing codebase and workflow.
  • Empower everyone to build real-time data products. Tinybird makes it simple to instantly publish your pipelines as high-concurrency, low-latency APIs, enabling your entire organization to use real-time data on AWS cost-effectively and efficiently.

FanDuel is the largest online sportsbook in the United States. Using Tinybird on AWS, FanDuel is able to offer a personalized betting experience, more engaging marketing campaigns, live data on FanDuel TV, and a phenomenal experience for VIP customers.

"Tinybird gives us everything we need from a real-time data analytics platform: security, scale, performance, stability, reliability, and a raft of integrations. But what really makes it stand out is the simplicity and elegance of the Tinybird user experience."

Damien Grech, Director of Engineering - Data Platform at FanDuel

Factorial is a leading provider of HR solutions and uses Tinybird on AWS to build new features and products faster, enabling them to achieve greater customer satisfaction.

"Tinybird provides exactly the set of tools we need to very quickly deliver new user-facing data products over the data investments we’ve already made."

Marc Gonzalez, Director of Data at Factorial

Why choose Tinybird on AWS?

Deploying Tinybird on AWS offers several compelling advantages, including:

  • Enhanced performance: Tinybird's serverless architecture seamlessly integrates with AWS's high-performance computing resources, ensuring your data products operate efficiently.
  • Unmatched scalability: AWS's vast infrastructure provides the flexibility to scale your Tinybird deployment up or down as your data needs evolve.
  • Cost optimization: Tinybird's serverless pricing model ensures that you only pay for the resources you consume, optimizing your cloud spending.
  • Unify batch and streaming data no matter where it is. Tinybird can ingest data from a variety of data sources, including Google BigQuery, Snowflake, and Confluent Cloud.
  • Availability in AWS Marketplace. AWS customers will find Tinybird in the AWS Marketplace, making billing and invoicing incredibly easy.
Tinybird is available on the AWS Marketplace, making billing and invoicing incredibly easy for Pro and Enterprise customers.

Get started with Tinybird on AWS today

With Tinybird now available on AWS for self-service customers, there's no better time to make the shift to real-time data engineering. 

Sign up for a free account today (no credit card required, no time limit) and start building real-time data products to transform your business. If you want more hands-on guidance on using Tinybird with your AWS deployment, request a demo from one of our engineers, and we’d be happy to show you how Tinybird can help you harness the real-time revolution.

Want to see Tinybird in action? Check out our Tinybird in 3 Minutes Screencast:

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