Jun 10, 2024

Tinybird is now available in AWS us-west-2

We’re excited to announce Tinybird availability in AWS US-West-2. Lower latency for customers deploying their applications on the US West Coast.

Today, we’re excited to announce another region for Tinybird: AWS US-West-2.

Real-time applications require high concurrency and low latency. Data must be served to thousands (and in the case of some Tinybird customers, millions) of simultaneous clients. And, the data presented in user-facing applications has to be as fresh and as accurate as possible. Customers should not have to tweak settings to improve concurrency and latency. With Tinybird, everything just works, so you can focus on your job. As we like to say, “All databases are fast. Tinybird makes YOU fast.”

Opening new regions is one way that we help achieve lower latency. Deploying real-time applications in regions geographically closer to your customer infrastructure minimizes the physical distance that data must travel. Reducing this distance can significantly lower round-trip times, resulting in faster response times and improved application performance.

Today, with the availability of Tinybird in AWS us-west-2, customers deploying their applications in AWS on the US West Coast should enjoy much better performance.

In case you’re wondering, here’s a real-time dashboard (built with Tinybird, of course) showing our current system-wide ingestion and latency statistics:

Real-time Tinybird system-wide performance

0000Rows ingested per second

0000GB ingested per second

0000Queries per second

0000P95 latency

Powered by Tinybird

Start building in us-west-2 today

It’s available now.

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