Jun 12, 2024

Announcing Tinybird Charts: Fast Real-Time Charts, Even Faster

We’re excited to launch Tinybird Charts, functionality built-in to Tinybird to turn API Endpoints into real-time visualizations with just a few clicks.

Today, we are releasing Tinybird Charts, a set of built-in visualization components that enable you to turn your real-time data into fast charts, even faster than before. Tinybird Charts is available to all Tinybird customers across all Tinybird pricing plans.

Our mantra at Tinybird is Speed Wins. These days, all databases are fast, but Tinybird is the real-time data platform that also makes YOU fast.

When we moved [our] use cases to Tinybird, we shipped them 5x faster and at a 10x lower cost than our prior approach." - Guy Needham, Staff Backend Engineer at Canva

Let’s see how easy it is to turn real-time data into a visualization. Already with Tinybird, you’ve been able to ingest data from anywhere with just a few clicks (or a single command-line instruction). From there, you can build Pipes using SQL, a language you already know. And then, you can turn any Pipe into a high-concurrency, low-latency REST API.

Now, you can turn any Pipe into a Tinybird Chart.


In that example, we exported our chart as a React component, added it to our Next.js app and had a brand new chart in 25 seconds.

But what if I wanted to add a pie chart to this blog? Our blog is powered by Ghost, and I don’t want to edit the code that’s rendering the content. So I need to be able to embed the chart directly into the post content.

Something that looks a bit like this?

Take a peek behind the fourth wall!


That's it!

We’re shipping Tinybird Charts with eight different visualizations, and we’ll be adding more quickly. If you have a favorite chart you want to see, join our Community Slack and request it.

Under the covers, we use Apache ECharts, an open-source Javascript visualization library that gives you the flexibility to adapt Tinybird Charts for your design and brand aesthetic. It is our intent to rapidly iterate on Tinybird Charts and deliver more visualizations based on your needs. Be sure to let us know what you want us to prioritize!

Check out our documentation to learn more about Tinybird Charts, or jump straight in with an end-to-end guide for Tinybird Charts and Next.js. To see Tinybird Charts in action, watch the Screencast below:

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