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Jan 26, 2021

Clickhouse Tips #1: Calculating Aggregations After a Given Date

Tips and recipes to learn how to make the most of ClickHouse, curated weekly by the Tinybird team.
Javier Santana

Imagine you have a table like

And you want to calculate, per day, the sum(amount) of previous and following days.

For example, for the day 2020-01-05 you have to calculate sumIf(amount, ts < '2020-01-05') and sumIf(amount, ts >= '2020-01-05')

I think there are many ways to do it but this works:

Check out this snapshot for a step-by-step explanation of what’s going on here.

I think a way to exploit that values for each day don’t need to be calculated every time for each day using a nice function, arrayCumSum, plus some other array magic.

Check this out for a step-by-step explanation.

I feel there should be an easier way but that’s just a feeling.

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