Feb 10, 2021

ClickHouse tips #2: Debugging ClickHouse on Visual Studio Code

How to configure Visual Studio Code to debug ClickHouse on it.
Alberto Romeu
Backend Developer

It’s possible to debug ClickHouse on VSCode. These are the steps to do it:

  • Build ClickHouse for debugging docs
  • You can adapt the build with several flags, in my case I want to disable jemalloc:
  • Doing ninja clickhouse-server clickhouse-client the whole process takes less than one hour.

And then to debug with Visual Studio Code:

  • Install the C++ extension (and gdb from brew or apt)
  • Create a new run config like this in .vscode:

Then you can just add breakpoints in any line in the editor and RUN from inside Visual Studio Code.

After doing any change in a cpp file, you can just recompile it, although there might be better ways to do this (let us know!). There’s a compile_commands.json file in the build folder with the commands and then call ninja to re-generate the clickhouse binary (it’ll just recompile the dependencies)

That’s it!

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