Mar 03, 2023

Build serverless real-time analytics on Vercel with Tinybird

What do Tinybird and Vercel have in common? A lot, as it turns out. Today, we announce the new Tinybird Integration available in the Vercel Integration Marketplace. Use it to sync your Tinybird Workspaces with your Vercel projects to build the real-time, serverless analytics you've always wanted.
Alasdair Brown
Developer Advocate

Like pretty much everyone else in the world, we ❤ Vercel. We’ve been building on Vercel from the very beginning, and it's been a joy. No other platform lets us build and iterate as fast as Vercel does.

Also, we are honored that Vercel has chosen to build with Tinybird, powering various features that millions of their users rely on everyday.

But this post isn’t a love story about the two of us. As it turns out, many others are already building amazing things with the combined power of Tinybird and Vercel.

Here are three of our recent favorites:

Beam Analytics

Beam Analytics, a GDPR compliant Google Analytics Alternative
Beam Analytics was built using Vercel and Tinybird.

Beam is the most affordable GDPR compliant Google Analytics alternative on the market. And it comes with cohort retention and funnel analysis. We love the Beam Team, and we’ve started using their product ourselves to track analytics on We’d encourage anyone who needs GDPR-compliant web analytics to give it a look; the free tier is generous.

@BeamAnalyticsIO link shortening website
Dub was built on Vercel, and uses Tinybird for shortlink traffic analytics.

Dub is an open-source link management tool for modern marketing teams to create, share, and track short links. We also use Dub at Tinybird.



Planetfall global API latency monitoring website
Planetfall was built on Vercel and uses Tinybird to calculate API latency metrics.

Planetfall makes it possible to know the true performance of your API by monitoring it from around the world. If you have a global user base and API latency matters to you (and them), this is your tool.

Created by @chronark_

So, why the love gush?

Today, the love story continues. We’ve launched a first-party integration with Vercel, available through the Vercel Integrations Marketplace.

It’s the same tools you already love, just easier; a matrimony made in developer heaven.

With this integration, Tinybird becomes the first purpose-built analytics backend available in the Vercel Marketplace. Build any kind of analytics, be it web analytics, structured logging, telemetry, anomaly detection, personalization, or anything else you can think of - and never have to worry about infrastructure, scale, or security.

Tinybird listed on the Vercel Integration Marketplace
Tinybird is now available on the Vercel Integration Marketplace.

You can now add Tinybird to your Vercel project, connecting your Tinybird Workspaces and automatically syncing your Auth Tokens into Environment Variables.

Begone, copy & paste!

How to use the Tinybird integration with Vercel

In Vercel, navigate to the Vercel Marketplace and search for Tinybird, or follow this link. Click "Add Integration", select your account and project, and grant the integration the required permissions.

A gif showing how to add the Tinybird integration from the Vercel Marketplace
Add the Tinybird integration from the Vercel Marketplace.

You’ll then be taken to Tinybird to complete the configuration. Select the Vercel project, choose (or create) a Tinybird workspace, and finally, select one or more Auth Tokens to sync. Done!

A gif showing how to configured the integration between Tinybird and Vercel
Configure the integration to Vercel from within Tinybird, and even create a new Tinybird Workspace to sync with your Vercel project.

In your Vercel project, you’ll see Tinybird in the Integrations section, and your Auth Tokens synced into Environment Variables!

A gif showing Tinybird tokens available as environment variables in a Vercel project
Your Tinybird Tokens will be available as Environment Variables in your Vercel project.

Now, sending events to Tinybird is as easy as:

Starter Kits

Not sure where to start with this perfect pair? Try a Tinybird Starter Kit. These will soon be available as Vercel Templates, but in the meantime you can deploy them directly to Vercel and integrate with Tinybird.

Web Analytics Starter Kit

Deploy with Vercel

Build a privacy-first, low-latency alternative to Google Analytics in less than 5 minutes using this Web Analytics Starter Kit from Tinybird.

The kit includes tracking code snippet, a Tinybird data project, and an open source dashboard built using Tremor.

The snippet tracks page views by default, but you can easily add custom events (e.g. button clicks, added to cart, etc.) to your website code with just a few lines of JavaScript.

You can then edit the Tinybird project to get the metrics you need. Tinybird Pipes give you a simple, intuitive way to compose SQL nodes to define your metrics how you want them.

Finally, you can fork the dashboard and create custom components just how you want them. It’s easy with Vercel.

Log Analytics Starter Kit
Deploy with Vercel

Analyze software logs, warnings, and errors in minutes with this language-agnostic Log Analytics Starter Kit.

Start by sending your logs to Tinybird with the Tinybird Events API, which is a simple HTTP endpoint that accepts POST requests with NDJSON data. Write your own logger, or use any existing logging library, to push your logs to Tinybird. The Starter Kit includes some example WebApp Loggers, like TypeScript + Next.js or Python + FastAPI, but you can write your own for any language or framework.

The Starter Kit also includes an open source Next.js dashboard and also uses the amazing Tremor visualization library to create beautiful charts and metrics from your logs.

Build with Tinybird & Vercel today

You can sign up for a free Tinybird account and start building today, no credit card required. Tinybird’s Build plan is free, with no time limit, and has everything you need for small projects. Need to go Pro? Use the code TINY_LAUNCH_WEEK for $300 in credit when you upgrade to the Pro plan.

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