Oct 11, 2022

We launched an open source ClickHouse Knowledge Base

ClickHouse is an incredible database. We want to help our community learn how to better use it for realtime analytics.

We are very excited to announce that we've launched an open source ClickHouse Knowledge Base. Please feel free to check it out, and if you are so inclined, contribute to the public repo.

Tinybird is built on top of ClickHouse, and we employ several ClickHouse developers who contribute daily to the lightning-fast open-source database to make it… well… lightning-faster.

In fact, our team has over 40 years of combined experience working with ClickHouse. Not bad for a database whose initial release was only 6 years ago.

Over the course of the time that we’ve been building Tinybird and contributing to ClickHouse, we’ve learned a lot about the column-oriented OLAP. The more we know, the more we love. It’s a perfect analytical database to solve the problems that data companies are trying to solve right now: namely operationalizing complex analytical queries and building products on top of them.

We’ve launched this knowledge base to celebrate our continued investment in the ClickHouse open source project, and to help our customers, friends, and the broader ClickHouse community make the most of this incredible OLAP powerhouse. We intend to add new tips almost daily.

Feel free to check it out. If you learn something, please share it wherever you scroll. And if you’ve got some ClickHouse magic up your sleeve that you want to share, please contribute!

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