Jun 17, 2024

$30M to lead the shift to real-time data

We’ve raised a $30M Series B from Balderton Capital to build the real-time data platform that developers and data teams love.
Jorge Sancha
Co-founder & CEO

We are excited to share that Tinybird has raised $30 million in a Series B funding round, led by Balderton Capital. With participation from our existing investors CRV, Singular, and Crane, this latest investment marks another significant milestone in our journey to simplify real-time user-facing analytics for data and engineering teams worldwide.

“Tinybird combines the world's most powerful data technologies, abstracts away their complexity, and speeds up data teams. It allows developers to weave complex data infrastructure into application logic and democratizes data infrastructure engineering. The intense customer love, talented and experienced team, and a growing need for real time data products worldwide were apparent. We’re fired up to be backing the Tinybird team for this next chapter."

Colin Daymond Hanna, Partner at Balderton Capital

Building with real-time data

Through working with our customers over the last years, we have been blown away by the fast uptake and transformative power of real-time data. Reducing query latencies by orders of magnitude (from seconds to milliseconds) has a compounding effect: faster queries, faster development, less infrastructure, faster reaction, faster user experiences, happier customers… It goes on. And companies are waking up to this realization.

In combination with ever-growing volumes of data, this need for speed places huge pressure on data teams to shift to real-time so they can tackle problems as they appear, react faster to opportunities, and enable more responsive, more immediate user experiences based on data generated only seconds ago.

Over the years, the data industry has made it easy (if not always affordable) to collect and store massive quantities of batch and streaming data. Increasingly, developers expect to have access to this same data in real-time so they can build rich user-facing experiences such as in-product dashboards, personalization, anomaly detection, and more. Developers need more than a fast database. They need an end-to-end platform that makes it fast and easy to ingest data from anywhere, shape and transform it using the tools they already know, and empower their teams to build with fresh, accurate data.

“With Confluent and Tinybird, users can quickly build analytical data products over Kafka streams. Our joint customers have built user-facing dashboards, real-time stock inventory management systems, real-time personalization as well as powerful anomaly detection services. We are excited for Tinybird's future and their vision to accelerate development over streaming data.”

Jay Kreps, CEO of Confluent 

Fast user-facing applications, faster

All real-time databases are fast. Indeed, scalability, performance, and security are table stakes. Tinybird is the real-time data platform that makes teams fast. And that’s our secret sauce. We are singularly focused on making data and engineering teams faster at their jobs. That is why, in addition to performance, we prioritize the developer experience for every feature we develop.

With Tinybird, you can build powerful user-facing applications that use batch and streaming data in real-time. You don’t need to provision infrastructure or worry about scale. Ingesting data is just a few clicks or command-line instructions away. You can write queries using our beautiful notebook-style editor, or use the editor of your choice. You can turn your queries into high-concurrency, low-latency REST APIs in one convenient step. We are proud to be the company that has made real-time scenarios finally accessible and cost-effective for so many developers.

And, we keep adding features to make it even easier for developers to build user-facing applications end-to-end, such as:

  • JWTs for API Endpoints, so developers can build multi-tenant web applications that query your Tinybird APIs directly from the browser, shaving hours off the development of real-time applications as well as costs.
  • Tinybird Charts to make it incredibly fast for developers to build the last mile of end-to-end data products: in-product dashboards and visualizations.

We have also been expanding our footprint to support our customers across different regions in AWS, Google Cloud, and soon Azure.

“When we moved [our] use cases to Tinybird, we shipped them 5x faster and at a 10x lower cost than our prior approach."

Guy Needham, Staff Backend Engineer at Canva

(Read more about Canva’s use of Tinybird)

Get started with Tinybird today

Sign up for Tinybird today. It’s free, and no credit card is required. Join our community Slack and ask any questions you may have about real-time data. Our engineers are there to help you get started. Contact us if you’d like to speak about enterprise use cases.

Join us later this week for a FREE virtual workshop on Building Customer-Facing Dashboards for SaaS Applications. You’ll get a great understanding of what Tinybird is and how it can help you.

We’re also hiring. If you want to join our flock, visit tinybird.co/careers and apply.

And, finally, thank you to all our customers, partners, and industry friends. We’re grateful for your support and trust. We’re just getting started. Vamos!

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