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Memory bandwith Napkin Math and more readings from our team members

Real-Time APIs and ETLs, how Github deals with database migrations, memory bandwidth math and more: most interesting articles coming from our flock
Javier Santana
Feb 21, 2020
  min read
“Programs usually reflect priorities and prejudices of programmers, but because AlphaZero programs itself, I would say that its style reflects the truth” – Garry Kasparov, in Chess, a Drosophila of reasoning

[RO] Some criticism about real-time APIs and ETLs within the HN discussion for Materialize. I really like the response from one of the guys from Materialize, it resonates with Tinybird’s value proposition.

[JS] Long and detailed article on how GitHub deals with database migration from the developer and ops point of view. Data migrations are a always a pain, specially when your system needs high availability and your tables are large. I guess this is one of the reasons why Mongo and others exist, no schema means no need to migrate data. via

[JS] Memory Bandwidth Napkin Math. A nice hands-on post about different timings depending on the memory layer your are accessing (L1,2,3 caches and main memory). The interesting part is where he talks about how the access pattern changes the speed by orders of magnitude which is pretty related to what we do every day at tinybird.

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