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Faster joins, advanced endpoint functions and more

Using the Join engine to make joins 100x faster. Advanced dynamic endpoint functions and lot of bug fixes
Xoel López
Apr 16, 2021
  min read

This week on Tinbyird

Faster joins with the Join engine

When you have hundreds of millions or billions of rows, joins might be slow even on ClickHouse. We’ve recently published a guide where we show you how to speed up joins on large amounts of data making them 100X faster using the JOIN Table Engine.

Advanced dynamic endpoints functions

Our templating language lets you create API endpoints with dynamic parameters on your Data Sources. We’ve written a guide on how to make the most of it with some tips and tricks we use, and a lot of examples on some more advanced functions that are available to you. Read it here

Bug Fixes

  • Now data is correctly appended to a Data Source with a Join engine when {% code-line %}mode=replace{% code-line-end %} is used
  • An error is now raised when creating a Data Source via the CLI/API with unused engine parameters
  • Data Source stats are now always updated when replacing and populating Data Sources
  • When the default value for a parameter is 0, now it is displayed correctly in endpoints auto-generated documentation.
  • Also, the endpoint documentation now returns all the parameters.
Xoel López
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