Apr 05, 2022

The realtime data stack. What’s next for Tinybird.

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Jorge Sancha
Co-founder & CEO

I’m really excited to announce that Tinybird has raised a $37M Series-A from investors CRV, Singular and Crane, along with the support of business angels Amit Agarwal (Datadog CPO) and Guillermo Rauch (Vercel CEO).

This is a pivotal moment for us, and we couldn’t be more thankful for their support and more encouraged to deliver on our vision for data and realtime analytics.

We want to enable any developer to build massively scalable realtime data products with the tools they already use everyday - SQL and APIs - and in the way they already build software. This investment will allow us to double down on that mission, delivering even more exciting features for developers and data teams, as well as improving how we support our existing customers.

Developer Experience: From possible to delightful

When we started over 2 years ago, we were blessed to land several large customers right out of the gate. This spoke to the size of the opportunity, and the amount of work left to do.

We focused our development efforts towards scalability, performance and stability, since Tinybird had become business-critical for our customers from day one.

Thanks to those efforts - which continue today - Tinybird is the analytical backend for large companies and fast growing startups.

“Tinybird has become a critical part of our infrastructure. I am constantly impressed with the reliability and stability of the service” - Steve Faulkner, Director of Engineering - Infrastructure at Vercel

But, our journey towards an ideal development experience has only just begun. We will be working on:

  • Tighter Git integration for version control, continuous integration, better deployment and team collaboration;
  • Schema management and migrations: it’s always scary to change your schema while you are ingesting billions of rows. It shouldn’t be that way;
  • Better defaults and easier materialization. It’s been possible to materialize data incrementally and in real time since day one with Tinybird. We’re now making it delightful.

Our self-service Build and Professional developer plans are now out of beta and open to everyone. We can’t wait to see what you build with Tinybird.

Serverless & Multi-cloud

There will always be teams that want full access to every single configuration setting in their ClickHouse database. But the overwhelming response from the developers we talk to is that they just want their data queries and applications to be fast and reliable.

We are all in on Serverless. Our users, whether they are familiar with ClickHouse or not, are excited by how easy it is to throw data at us and immediately start consuming APIs from their application. They want to build. They don’t want to be responsible for choosing the ideal number of CPU cores or the perfect amount of memory required for each use case.

Tinybird takes care of all that. But doing that automatically with ClickHouse for different use cases is not trivial. A lot of our engineering resources are going towards better abstracting that complexity and making our infrastructure more elastic and reactive.

The fly in the ointment in the world of serverless is, amongst other things, data egress costs. While companies increasingly want things to go fast and be reliable, they care deeply about where their data is stored and, for privacy and costs reasons, they understandably want to reduce the amount of data they ship outside of their cloud provider.

Enabling a fast Tinybird experience across more regions and cloud providers is another key target for this investment.


The biggest blocker to using Tinybird - which is the same for largely any other data platform - is that you can’t do much until you ingest your data. And our users’ data is everywhere.

Kafka to Tinybird Data Source
Kafka to Tinybird Data Source

From streaming data to dimensional or transactional data, the easier we make it to ingest from different data sources, the faster our users get started and the more use cases they tackle.

And making it “easier” is often not just about ingesting the data; it is also about providing visibility over the process when things go wrong, with monitoring and observability out of the box.

That’s why we will be releasing several connectors over the next few months, as well as more ways for our users to build their own connectors.

And Faster

“Speed Wins.” That’s a core principle here at Tinybird. In decision-making, in time-to-market, in response times, in user experience. And we believe that to be the case for our customers too.

We will use this investment to go faster, make Tinybird even faster and help our customers move faster, through rapid development and real-time capabilities.

Get Started!

Capturing thousands of events from your app with Tinybird can be as easy as:

We are excited to see what you build as we continue to grow globally and improve our product. We would love for you to join us on our journey, as a user or as part of the Tinybird flock.

Get started with Tinybird for free here or join our community on Slack.

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