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Changelog: Workspaces, Node UI improvements and more

Working collaboratively on your data projects and lots of UI and CLI improvements and fixes
Feb 17, 2021
  min read

We’ve been working hard lately to make some big improvements on the product lately. Keep reading to learn more about them!


We’re recently made one of our most requested features available to all users on Tinybird: Workspaces.

In short: they make possible that different users work on the same data projects. They’re available via the UI and it’s also possible to switch between workpsaces through our CLI tool. Check out the announcement with all the details in this post and the video below to see how they work in the UI.

UI enhacements

Lately, we also introduced several changes to our UI:

  • The scrollbars in the application have been replaced, not more system ones
  • The query result is different, although we are still working on it though
  • Simple editor, no more drop shadows, and run button has been moved away
  • SQL editor options have been moved to the top
  • SQL code can be hidden too (apart from the results)
  • Changed the way we provide extra info about the node, for example, when it is materialized,… and more to come!
  • If you scroll, and the node previous to the focused one is “partially” hidden, its name will appear in the breadcrumb, and the top.

Other improvements and bugfixes

In addition to that, here are some other features and fixes that will make the experience of using Tinybird more delightful

  • Added Github login. Try it out yourself.
  • Added support for CSV and JSON output to “sql” CLI command. You can now pass an extra {% code-line %}--format [json|csv|human]{% code-line-end %} argument when doing {% code-line %}tb sql ...{% code-line-end %} to format the result with one of those 3 options.
  • Now you’ll also be able to append files larger than 2GB, as now files are uploaded using multipart and without loading the whole file in memory.
  • And now you can also add comments in the last line of a node (it would fail before)
  • The CLI also now shows you info on how many rows have been appended and/or sent to quarantine

That’s it for now. Follow us on Twitter for more updates

What are your main challenges when dealing with large quantities of data? Tell us about them and get started solving them with Tinybird right away.

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